Different Teams, Common Goals

Common goals empower an engineering team, to become more agile, productive and efficient. These are important not only because they provide direction for the team but because they bring people together and encourage them to communicate problems and work together for the result. At SailPoint we have a remote engineering […]

Security in a SaaS product, It’s Not Just About the Product

The work to secure a product, its data, architecture, the people who create that product, and the people who support it, is never done. The challenge we are always facing is how do we continue to grow our understanding in a threat landscape that produces hundreds of thousands of attacks […]

Essence of Product Design

A high-quality product is a culmination of proper market research, strategic vision (usually offered by product management) and the engineering team designing and delivering the solution. It is relatively simple to design a product that is similar to another company’s product by copying ideas. It is much more challenging to […]

When Food, Ideas and Code Come Together, SailPoint Crew Members “Hack to the Future”

In November, the SaaS organization at SailPoint Technologies ran its 2nd hackathon for 2018 – “Hack to the Future”.  44 crew members from engineering, DevOps, design, services and support came together to form teams and in under 2 days executed on a set of wide-ranging ideas –  some related to […]

Communication is the Key to Success

In the tech era we’re living in today, you’ll find that most high-tech companies have a geographically distributed team and that most of the time they are also culturally diversified. That’s certainly the case here at SailPoint. For example, the team I’m a part of – our connectivity engineering team […]

Sailing in Rough Seas

We added some improvements to IdentityIQ 7.3 to make sure that your tasks and requests are not lost at sea. Problems can surface in many different ways: a network failure makes your database server temporarily unavailable; or, one of your SailPoint hosts crashes and is replaced with another; or maybe […]

Tackling Identity Challenges at the Internet Identity Workshop

The Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and standards developers in an unconference-style setting, fostering deep and wide-ranging conversations about identity, with well over 100 sessions in three days.  SailPoint engineers have long participated in IIW, with this year’s event being my first opportunity to attend […]

De Königsberg a Identidad: Los gráficos le hacen más inteligente

In the age of digital transformation, data-driven products that provide fast, accurate, and actionable insights, dominate the market. In this article, we demonstrate how the Data Science approach yields optimal solutions and opens the door for future growth and development. As an example, we explore the social aspects of identity […]

La calidad es responsabilidad de todos

For any successful product, quality can’t just be a phase or merely a process or even the responsibility of just one team, it must be integrated into every part of the delivery cycle. For IdentityNow we have a simple motto: Quality is everyone’s responsibility. Every change in our product is […]