Collaboration Fuels Productivity and Innovation. But Is It Safe?

Enterprises are adding new cloud applications and workforce collaboration tools like Slack to their organizations so workers can stay productive, communicate, and share data and resources for the kind of innovation that gives them a competitive edge. Today’s enterprise has over 1200 cloud services1 – each requiring access permissions which may not be simple or intuitive to get.

Given the level of cyber threats, remote work and the pressures of timelines and accuracy in dynamic businesses, it is more important than ever to maintain strong identity security as access is requested and approved.Yet employees spend too much time switching between multiple apps to request access to the resources they need — as do those charged with approving access in line with corporate policies. New employees and new users in particular face a huge learning curve.SailPoint, the leader in identity security for the cloud enterprise, has teamed up with Slack to make requesting and approving access easy without ever leaving the Slack environment, all while maintaining strict governance and compliance controls. This eBook will show how SailPoint Integration for Slack helps you:

  • Make it easy for workers to get access and keep working;
  • Keep workers productive within the Slack application they use everyday;
  • Accelerate access delivery — no more manual IT requests;
  • Give users the access they need whether at work on the go;
  • Reduce or eliminate helpdesk calls.

Improve Access Delivery While Maintaining Security in Real Time

With SailPoint Integration for Slack, managers and admins can now easily and quickly approve application requests from within Slack, ensuring secure access is fast and even and more user friendly. They can provision access with confidence, assured that the right access will be delivered to the right people at the right time, intuitively, with full- lifecycle visibility and automation.

With a single click, admins can approve or deny new access requests, or, if needed, route them to the appropriate for approval. They can also add comments that provide context for the action taken.

In keeping with the Principle of Least Privilege, workers, contractors, and partners only get the access they need — nothing more — minimizing potential points of access for bad actors.

Even as you accelerate access delivery, you can be certain of compliance with complete visibility and auditability of who has access to what, so you can adjust or remove access as needed.

Increase Productivity by Empowering Users

Imagine your users being able to get the approved access they need without calling and waiting for the helpdesk. Or spending their time continuously switching between multiple applications to request access in a different way for each app.

SailPoint Integration for Slack provides identity security where your teams already are – their Slack workspace. The integration lets users request access to corporate resources anytime, anywhere, right from within Slack.

Application and role requests can be initiated by clicking on a shortcuts button within Slack, with a place to explain the need for access and a button to cancel. In keeping with Slack’s ease-of-use, communication continues to flow as the user’s request is acknowledged and the decision announced as quickly as it is made, whether it is accepted or denied, along with any explanation needed.

These capabilities are accessible through the Slack mobile app as well as the desktop version, giving users secure access whether they are at their computer or on the go.

Shorten the Learning Curve for New Employees and New Users

Learning to navigate a new tool can be a daunting task for anyone, especially with the added pressures of timelines and accuracy.

Take some of the burden off the onboarding of new employees and new users by making it easy for them to get access to resources without learning a host of application-specific methods for gaining access. Again, it’s a single click on a shortcut within Slack to get what they need.

The interaction between those requesting and those approving access is enriched through comments and other communication supported by Slack in a broader context.

By making it easier and faster for users to get access to the resources they need they are less likely to use noncompliant and rogue workarounds.

SailPoint Integration for Slack: Securing Productivity and Innovation

SailPoint Integration for Slack gives your organization greater flexibility and protection in requesting and delivering quick and appropriate access to essential business resources. The result is even greater productivity and innovation that helps you achieve a competitive edge.

Learn how SailPoint Integration for Slack can help your employees, contractors and partners collaborate securely and efficiently.

  1. Hausmann, Liam. “Looking at shadow IT through a new lens,”, February 24, 2020.

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