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Using manual access controls or other disconnected methods to monitor Separation of Duties (SoD) across multiple business systems can lead to costly risks, including fraud, loss of sensitive data, and audit deficiencies. An inability to get truly granular visibility into the access risks of complex ERP systems and applications can intensify the problem and create more work for IT, security, audit, and compliance teams.

SailPoint Access Risk Management uses the power of identity security to streamline end-to-end governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) while providing enterprise-wide risk visibility into ERP systems including SAP and S/4HANA as well as other applications such as SAP SuccessFactors and more. Realize the benefits of implementing comprehensive and fine-grained SoD controls across your entire application ecosystem:

  • Unify Risk Management: End siloed access and identity governance and get holistic risk visibility and monitoring capabilities.
  • Reduce Risks: Prevent unauthorized access, see who is doing what in any system, and simulate risk before access is granted.
  • Simplify GRC: Streamline provisioning, firefighter and emergency access, access reviews, and audits.

Access Risk Management enables you to control access across all of your enterprise business systems while giving you complete visibility and control over how that access is used.

Stay Ahead of Risk

Continuous SoD Risk Analysis

  • Rapidly identify SoD and sensitive access risks across multiple applications.
  • Get a 360-degree view of risks in real-time with continuous analysis of access.
  • Discover on-going risks by user, role and business process — with instant remediation guidance
Dashboard showing various risk charts

See the Risks. Stop the Threats.

Two of the biggest factors leading to internal fraud, data breaches, and employee errors are inappropriate access to systems and weak access controls. These same elements, if not caught, are also a primary cause for audit and compliance failures. Access Risk Management lowers the risk factor and can keep your entire team — IT, audit, compliance, security business owners, and board members — continuously informed of threats with business-friendly reports of risks.

Access Risk Management goes beyond diagnosing risks already present within a system; it gives you the ability to stop risks before they start by simulating risks for any user — before access is provisioned.

Predictive Risk Analysis

  • Identify and prevent access risk before provisioning.
  • Predict and simulate risk impact when applying changes to roles with ‘What-if Analysis.
  • Elevate or grant emergency access with the assurance of pre-provisioning risk insights.
Dashboard showing "What if analysis" for Users, Single role, composite role, and results.

Get Granular Utilization Insights

Seeing and controlling who has access is only half of the picture. For complete risk protection, you need both deep visibility and analysis of a user’s access history: What they’ve done and any conflicts related to those actions. Access Risk Management doesn’t just show potential risks; it reveals actual use to identify any fraudulent activity based on transaction activity.

Automate Access Reviews, End-to-End

Periodic access reviews are an important part of audit and compliance. Done right, you can reduce audit and compliance complexity. Done wrong, risks remain unchecked, audit deficiencies can occur, and costs can soar.

Access Risk Management accelerates periodic access review cycles by automating workstreams for administrators and reviewers. Administrators can rapidly manage, track, and close reviews while simplifying the process of approving, rejecting, and delegating access for reviewers. The result is an error-free, digitally certified auditor report for compliance.

Automated Periodic Reviews

  • Conduct access reviews with automated processes in record time.
  • See the status of all reviews at a glance, modify reviews, or delete them.
  • Generate digitally certified reports with timelines and notated approval decisions fora detailed audit trail
Access review dashboard graphic

Manage Emergency Access On the Go and Compliantly

Granting emergency access can take too long without the right tools in place and also comes with its own risks. A lack of proactive visibility into risks before provisioning, or a failure to deprovision when access expires, opens the door to potential threats.

Access Risk Management enables risk owners to grant temporary elevated access to users in a compliant manner without exposing the company to unnecessary risks. Automate and track the process at each step: from requesting, approving, and granting, to the revoking of access when a request period has elapsed.

Approve requests on the go via a mobile device. Get the most relevant utilization detail needed for streamlined review post-access, improving the reliability of the control and allowing your organization to be better prepared for audits

Manage Emergency Access

  • Streamline requests, approvals, assignments, and removals to avoid errors and risks while maintaining a compliant audit trial.
  • Track utilization to expose usage of sensitive and elevated transactions.
  • Configure pre-approved super-user profiles to speed provisioning
EAM Dashboard graphic

Eliminate manual work, siloed data, and access risks with Access Risk Management for multi-application identity governance and SoD monitoring.

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