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Identity Governance in the Time of Coronavirus: Part 1

In a recent article by Solutions Review, Prediction: The Coronavirus Alters Discourse on Identity Governance and Administration, it discussed how the era of social distancing may increase awareness and deployment of identity governance solutions. As you’ll see, many of the problems that organizations encounter with managing the identities of remote […]

Q&A with CISO Jennifer West on Her Priorities and Building a Collaborative Security Culture

When it comes to transforming security teams and building collaborative security cultures, chief information security officer (CISO) Jennifer West has an impressive record. From her current position as CISO and privacy officer at Redlands, Calif. based geographic information systems software provider ESRI, and her crucial roles as CISO at ServiceMaster […]

Identity as ‘business essential’

In my line of work, I talk to a lot of people at companies of different sizes and industries. The vast majority of those people are charging down their digital transformation path with varying degrees of success and maturity. Some started early and are years into the process with most, […]

Three Questions with Culture Program Manager, Becky Harmonson

Today’s installment of Women in Identity is near and dear to my heart. A huge reason that I am such a vocal advocate of the #SailPointCrew team is that our culture is literally like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my 18+ year professional career. I have never worked for a […]

Australia’s Privacy Awareness Week: Privacy is a Two-Way Street

Privacy is an inherent part of being human. To protect our privacy, we build fences around our backyards, but we also have fences to respect our neighbor’s privacy. When thinking about data, we need to think about protecting personal information by building a ‘digital’ fence. This step is critical to […]

Why Identity?

Lori Robinson, Senior Director of Product and Market Strategy for SailPoint, is no stranger to the identity community. She recently joined our crew from Gartner where she spent many years covering all things identity. We just had one simple question for her in this Identity Talk: Why identity? She explains […]

The #SailPointCrew on Our Four I Values

We live and breathe our four core values at SailPoint. Our CEO Mark McClain walked around the SailPoint offices (pre-quarantine, of course!), to hear from our crew on how our core values impacted their decision to work at SailPoint and how they use them in their day-to-day lives at work.  […]

CISO-Fragen und Antworten mit Flavio Carvalho von Banco Credibom

Flavio Carvalho, CISO, bei der in Portugal ansässigen Banco Credibom, ist ein versierter Cybersicherheits- und Datenschutzbeauftragter, der über beträchtliche Erfahrung mit dem Aufbau groß angelegter Informations- und Cybersicherheitsprogramme in vielen verschiedenen Arten von Unternehmen und Märkten verfügt. Mit seinem Karrierebeginn im Netzwerk- und Infrastrukturmanagement sammelte Carvalho Erfahrungen in der Cybersicherheit als Sicherheitsdienstleister [...]

Cybersicherheit und der Vorstand: Part Deux

Die Zahl der gehackten Accounts erreichte Anfang 2019 einen Wendepunkt, als das erste Megaleak die Nachrichtensender mit 2,2 Millionen gehackten Accounts traf. Hinzu kommt, dass Unternehmen immer mehr Anwendungen und Daten in die Cloud verlagern, sodass wir einen Zustrom von Unternehmen beobachten, die ihre [...]

Identitätsmanagementprogramme: Das Beste seit geschnittenem Brot

Zweifelsohne hat sich die Welt im vergangenen Monat verändert. Obwohl ich das Haus seit dem 13. März (und es werden immer mehr) nicht mehr verlassen habe, habe ich Yogastunden, Konzerte und Happy Hours mit Freunden (per Videokonferenz) genossen, und ein anstehender Termin in der Dermatologie wurde von einem persönlichen Termin in einen telemedizinischen Termin umgewandelt. […]