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Identity Governance: Going Beyond Day One Access and Compliance

Organizations are continuously searching for ways to give new hires a strong start by providing them everything they need to hit the ground running on Day 1. As a result, many are adopting tools such as Workday to make it seamless and easy for them to get access to new […]

St. James’s Place Delivers Heightened Security with Identity Governance

St. James’s Place (SJP) is a UK-based wealth management company listed on the London Stock Exchange (STJ). SJP specialises in delivering face-to-face, personalised wealth management advice through their expert advisory arm, the Partnership. This 28-year-old financial services company is no stranger to the regulatory pressure that the industry faces. After […]

Guardian Sails with SailPoint

Identity programs evolve for a variety of different reasons: from regulatory compliance pressure and manual process fatigue to digital transformation across the enterprise, no organization is immune from having to build and evolve a strong identity program. At our annual conference, Navigate, we invited customers to the stage to discuss […]

PSD2 and two-factor authentication: a double security challenge for banks

On September 14, 2019, the full mandate of PSD2 took effect, which means open banking will continue to make inroads into the financial fabric of society. While the full realization of this concept provides an opportunity for innovators, it also represents a unique privacy challenge. An Opportunity for Innovation Opening […]

Enterprise security – brought to you by the letters A and I

If you’re a byproduct of the 70s and 80s, you may recall the days of TV shows that were designed to educate as well as entertain. Sesame Street has been one of these long-standing shows. And while we were taught basic life lessons such as being kind to one another, counting, and even understanding emotions, […]

Switzerland’s disability insurance IT services provider secures citizen data through strong identity governance

It can happen to anyone at any time: become disabled by an illness or accident and find oneself unable to work for an extended period of time. Within Switzerland, disability insurance is provided through the 20 Swiss cantons and Liechtenstein. Each regional authority operates autonomously, collects and manages the information […]

Your Data Sucks… We Can Help

I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but your data sucks… and that’s a big problem. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will transform identity governance over the next few years and you need to get ready so you can take advantage of it. Here is […]

The Power of AI + ML + Identity

It’s only been a couple of months since we unveiled SailPoint Predictive Identity and the conversations I’ve had with customers and prospects since then have only further solidified what we suspected: the future is here. Organizations are showing signs of being more than ready to tackle their identity programs from […]

Sowohl das Alte als auch das Neue annehmend

Wenn Sie zufällig die große Gelegenheit hatten, die 70er und 80er Jahre zu überstehen, erinnern Sie sich vielleicht daran, dass Cartoons wie Looney Tunes™ nur am frühen Samstagmorgen verfügbar waren (zumindest in den USA war es so). Die Fernsehsender schalteten um Mitternacht ab, während sie spielten

Von Anfang bis Ende: Wie kann man die Identität in den Bereichen Staat und Kommunalverwaltung sowie Bildung modernisieren

In den letzten Jahren hat SailPoint eine Veränderung des Identitätsansatzes des Marktplatzes State, Local Government and Education (SLED) festgestellt. MHD-Organisationen in den USA transformieren ihre Identitätsprogramme von veralteten Legacy-Lösungen oder oft auch manuellen Prozessen zu einer Lösung, die die Komplexität der heutigen IT-Systeme bewältigen kann [...]