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SailPoint Executive Book Club: Paul Trulove, CPO

This week we sat down with Paul Trulove our Chief Product Officer to learn more about the type of books he reads and recommends. During our conversation, we learned that he is a big fan of historical fiction and is an avid reader. What is your favorite book of all […]

In the post-Covid world, organizations will have to revise their business models: Part 2

In the post-financial crisis of 2008, institutions that quickly changed their business models faster to adapt to the situation found their earnings rise 10%, while those that simply sought to return operations identical to pre-crisis felt a 15% retraction in addition to extensive processes reduction of employees. This adaptation is […]

Three Questions with Senior Marketing Manager Fiona Chow

Sometimes your career takes a different direction. This couldn’t be truer for SailPoint’s Senior Marketing Manager Fiona Chow. Based in Hong Kong, Fiona’s career journey didn’t take a straightforward path. Interested in computer science at a young age, Fiona spent countless hours programming. Even though she thought she would be […]

What Identity Governance is (Not)

I often catch articles in my newsfeed that are supposedly about identity governance, but upon reading the fine print, they invariably wind up being about access management. These articles are all missing the bigger picture – access management is essentially the ‘badge reader’ of identity, the granting of access to […]

Protocol-based connectors enable broad integration

Connectivity is at the heart of SailPoint Identity and Access Governance. IGA program managers see significant increases in business value as they integrate highly critical applications, in higher quantities, under governance. Our integrations fall under two categories: Named application connectors – These are out of the box integrations with a […]

In the post-COVID world, organizations will have to revise their business models: Part 1

It did not go well when the explorer Ernest Henry Shackleton executed the Imperial Transantarctic Expedition from 1914 to 1917. The explorer’s ship, Endurance, was trapped in the ice and later slowly crushed even before the crew managed to land. In a series of explorations that followed, Shackleton never lost […]

Identity from the voice of our customers

In my last blog post, I discussed the importance of identity governance today as ‘business essential.’ In the last few months, this has become abundantly clear for companies of all sizes, across all industries, and all over the world. The quick pivot to a virtual workforce that many companies experienced […]

Forget your password while working remotely? We can help!

With the rapid development in technology, work culture, and our current lockdown situation, people might not always be connected to their corporate network. They need to connect remotely from home, a client site, or other venues. The following scenario might sound familiar to you. While you are working remotely, you […]

SailPoint Executive Book Club: Juliette Rizkallah, CMO

We all live busy lives and sometimes lose sight of the importance of reading books. Regardless of the genre reading is crucial to improve our thoughts, grammar and knowledge. Professional growth books can aid us in being confident in professional discussions and provide important insights into career development. With so […]

Identity Governance in the Time of Coronavirus: Part 2

Of the many lessons CIOs have learned from this global health crisis, is the need to be digitally transformed.  It is more critical than ever for organizations to move forward with their digital transformation initiatives. As organizations deal with rapidly deploying business continuity plans, enabling remote workers, quickly provisioning users’ […]