Market Pulse Survey: Cloud and Mobile Adoption Increases IT Security Risk

Check out any set of predictions about the IT industry in 2013, and chances are, you’ll find yourself reading that adoption of cloud and mobile computing is big – and getting bigger. SailPoint wanted to better understand how these new paradigms are impacting the risk posture of enterprises so we focused our most recent Market Pulse Survey on 400 IT and business leaders at large US and UK companies. Our goal was to measure the rate of adoption of these new technologies, attitudes toward identity and risk management, and how effectively key applications and sensitive data are being managed and protected in businesses today.

The results indicated that enterprises are aggressively adopting cloud and mobile solutions for mission-critical applications, but often without involving IT. By going around IT to deploy these new technologies, they have limited visibility into those applications and are struggling to govern access to them. If this trend continues at these rates, it will only increase the risk of security breaches and failed audits if enterprises don’t quickly get a handle on these technologies.

The survey findings that I found most interesting were:

  • More than 15% of business leaders admit they have no way of knowing if sensitive data is stored in the cloud.
  • Only 34% of companies include IT in their cloud vendor selection and planning processes.
  • Approximately two thirds of companies allow personal app usage at work. (I guess the days of “lock down” are over.)
  • Almost half of business leaders say they always or often use the same passwords for personal apps as for work apps.
  • Over three quarters of companies allow employees to use personal devices to access corporate email.
  • Around two-thirds of companies are “very concerned” about corporate information security breaches.
  • Although approximately 60% of IT leaders realize that IAM plays a significant role in the prevention of security breaches, almost two-thirds of IT leaders say they are not very confident in their company’s ability to prove the effectiveness of internal controls over access privileges in an IT audit.

If you’re interested in our latest survey results, you can download our report for a deeper look at the market attitudes related to cloud and mobile adoption and the impact on IAM. And, we’ve put together a graphical representation of the survey’s findings to better communicate all the numbers – check it out:

Market-Pulse-Survey 2013 Infographic