All’s Fair in Security?

I read an interesting piece in InfoWorld by Roger Grimes, “A Sweet Solution to the Insider Threat.” The premise of Grimes’ article is that companies should use computer decoys, or “honeypots,” to catch workers attempting to login to resources they have no business reason for accessing. Honeypots by their very […]

Getting Real about Transparency: What You Can’t See May Bite You

In SailPoint’s second Market Pulse Survey (announced yesterday), we asked Global 2000 companies about how they are managing IT risk given the economic downturn and resulting corporate churn. Not surprisingly, given the recessionary budgets and resource allocations these companies are facing, the survey showed that companies remain very exposed to […]

Steak Dinner for Your Data?

I’ve been at the RSA Conference all week, so I just noticed an intriguing news item from The Register on Monday. The article details survey results from an unnamed security vendor, concluding that one-third of workers are open to bribes for data theft. It’s beyond the scope of this blog […]

Mind the Competence Inversion

Recently, an iGoogle “quote of the day” made me stop and think. Usually, I read the quotes, smirk, and move on. But this one was different:   Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do […]

Another Day, Another Breach

Heads up – there’s been another “massive” credit card security breach – the 3rd such incident in recent months. We don’t know which company suffered the breach, but it appears to be another card payment processor. We’re still in the “whisper period” as some call it – Visa and MasterCard […]

The New Reality of “Do More With Less”

An article by Marcia Savage published in Information Security today caught my eye: “PCI Costs Slow Compliance Projects in Down Economy.” The article describes how in an economic downtown, financial services companies will look for ways to spend less (yes, less) on PCI compliance. Quoting commentary from Larry Ponemon (whose […]