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Three Key Findings from SailPoint’s State of IaaS Report

In the year 2017, we witnessed critical technological advances. From Apple’s groundbreaking face ID technology for the iPhone to Dubai  piloting drones with passengers, AI reemerged with full force. That was also the year SailPoint predicted that by 2020, 90% of enterprises would have hybrid IT infrastructures. Not only is […]

Three things to consider when securing multi-cloud environments in the public sector

By Calum Roberts, UK Director at SailPoint Public sector organisations are all at different points on the cloud transformation and digitalisation journey. Many already recognise the benefits of moving to the cloud and have advanced multi-cloud strategies and stacks, whereas others may just be making the first forays into building […]

Friday Quick-Take: Balancing Zero Trust with a Strong AI-Driven Identity Strategy

3 out of 5 organizations will be breached. That is a fact. The impact that cybersecurity breaches have is jaw dropping, with billions of identities and sensitive data compromised each year. Long gone are the days where a traditional security strategy will suffice. Here is where the Zero Trust approach […]

Identity Governance is Critical Every Step of the Way

Learning from disruptive events like Covid in planning and proactively preparing corporations for similar events. Consider being the CISO of a major global corporation, such as Dell or Lenovo. You start your working day and among the dozens of normal safety and efficiency responsibilities with its more than 100,000 employees […]

Improve Employee Experience and Security through Identity-Centric Service Delivery

How many times have we heard the old axiom that change is the only constant in life?  We certainly know this more than ever before with the displacement of millions of remote users in a matter of days.  The success of an organization is highly dependent on the satisfaction of […]

Back to the Future With SailPoint Predictive Identity™

As I witness my kids embark on their second term of online schooling, I see how improved technology and processes have helped them be resilient. Despite all of the changes, feeling prepared makes them feel confident to be agile, whether they continue their studies– at home or school. There’s a […]

Winning the Digital Transformation Race in a Post-COVID World

In the first blog of this series, we discussed the sectors that have thrived during this highly disruptive period while others suffered great losses. Next, we will explore how accelerating digital transformation strategies is critical to expanding leadership positions in this new business environment. Today’s unique business conditions offer CEOs […]

The Corporate Winners and Losers in a Pandemic-Disrupted World

In the 2016 sci-fi movie “Arrival,” 12 alien ships arrive on Earth and provoking chaos, panic and exposure to geopolitical conflicts. Similarly, the arrival and subsequent spread of COVID-19 across the globe is causing disproportionate impacts and turmoil across the largest business sectors. Recent reports from JP Morgan and business […]

Digital Transformation: How Remote Working is Speeding Adoption of Zero Trust

This blog is co-authored by David Manks, SailPoint Manager, Technology Alliances Product Marketing and Aubrey Turner, Ping Identity Executive Advisor. In today’s modern enterprises, employees ask for three things: Access to their applications and systems from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. This seems simple, right? In theory, […]

Three Ways Identity Governance Secures the Oil and Gas Industry

According to the federal Energy Information Administration, oil production has been rising steadily since 2009 with the U.S. becoming the world’s leading producer of natural gas.  EIA’s preliminary data for 2019 indicates that total U.S. petroleum production averaged about 19.33 million barrels per day (mmb/d). Natural gas is used in a […]