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Why CISOs & CIOs Need to Rethink Their Approach to SaaS

The future of work depends on SaaS and today’s approach needs a remix. How your identity security strategy needs to reconsider what you consider “visibility” and the dangerous gaps that exist with your current approach. If you are like the other CISOs I regularly speak with, you are probably facing […]

How to Prioritize SaaS Security and Future-Proof Your Identity Program

This blog is the final installment of our three-part series exploring “What is SaaS Management?” In this post, we’ll look at how gaining total visibility and control of all access is essential in today’s enterprise — both for reasons of efficiency and security. Check out part 1 of the series, […]

We Are With Our Customers Every Step of the Way

The SailPoint crew is fanatically focused on our customers‘ success every step of the way. And our customers choose SailPoint because not only do we actively listen to what they need, we are also with them at every stop of their identity security journey. We help our customers by making […]

The Art of War on Enterprise Access Risks

If Sun Tzu were writing The Art of War today, unequivocally, he would add a few chapters and tactics to address today’s electronic warfare that extends beyond the battlefield. When penning his treatise on war approximately 2,400 years ago, Tzu wasn’t envisioning modern organizations around the world having to arm themselves to defend against cyber threats of every type—including attacks from outside hackers and even […]

Identity Transformation in the Public Sector

SailPoint talked to Jason Corbishley, CISO, Police Digital Service; and Kurt Frary, Deputy Director of Information Management & Technology / CTO Norfolk County Council, about what identity management means to them. Identity is at the heart of access controls. As more and more people choose to work from home, public […]

The Danger of SaaS Sprawl: How Unsecured Apps Compromise Your Security

This blog is part one in a three-part series exploring “What is SaaS Management?” In this installment we’ll dig into the rise of SaaS and its incremental impact on identity security and how IT teams are being impacted. If there’s one thing that every modern enterprise has in common, it’s […]

Zwei Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge: Das SaaS-Rennen und die Absicherung unstrukturierter Daten

Erinnern Sie sich an die uralte Prüfungsfrage: „Wenn zwei Züge mit unterschiedlicher Geschwindigkeit auf demselben Gleis aufeinander zu fahren, wie lange dauert es, bis sie zusammenstoßen?“ In vielerlei Hinsicht scheint das die Realität der heutigen Firmen-IT zu sein in Bezug auf die Einführung von SaaS-Anwendungen. Der Einsatz von SaaS-Anwendungen nimmt […]

Three Questions With Linda Hernandez, Global Revenue Enablement Content Development Manager at SailPoint

In today’s #WomeninIdentity feature, we have Linda Hernandez, who works on our Revenue Enablement team! Read her story below, and read more Women in Identity features here. Before we dive in, can you give us a little background about who you are and how you got to SailPoint? The journey […]

Three Questions with Christine Whitlock, Product Manager at SailPoint

Christine Whitlock, Product Manager at SailPoint, has been on our crew for 2.5 years, but her identity career began long before that. After graduating from The University of Texas Austin, she was still deciding what she wanted to do with her degree in management of information systems. Though she wasn’t in search of a job […]

False Sense of Security

We’ve hit an identity security inflection point over the last few months. This was largely brought about as more organizations paid closer attention to how they were connecting their workers to the systems and data needed do to their job – particularly after last years’ massive pivot to “working from […]