Identity Working

Delivery Hero: Adding Value through Automation

Meet SailPoint customer, Delivery Hero. As one of the largest global food networks with over 25,000 employees, they needed an identity solution that could provide a high level of security and allow them to scale the growing business. Their rapid growth accelerated by acquisitions, brought on new challenges they needed […]

OGE Energy Brings Identity to the Cloud

When we think “reliability,” electric utilities often come to mind: when people flip the switch, they expect the lights to go on. After all, if the power goes down not much else in modern society works very well. Energy utilities face all of the business and technology challenges every other […]

AmeriGas: Five Lessons Learned for an Effective Identity Deployment

Whenever I’m at a conference (and I sure hope they return soon), I always seek the sessions led by end-users. Minute for minute, these talks tend to be the most information-dense. During Navigate 2019, I had the pleasure to attend Christopher Martin, identity and access security manager at AmeriGas, presenting […]

Your Workforce Has Changed, So Must Your Identity Strategy

No organization could have foreseen the drastic impact the current pandemic has had on their business. With the economy roaring along just a few months ago, the look of today’s workforce couldn’t be further from reality—but it’s now become the new normal, and organizations need to adjust their identity strategy […]

Q&A with CISO Jennifer West on Her Priorities and Building a Collaborative Security Culture

When it comes to transforming security teams and building collaborative security cultures, chief information security officer (CISO) Jennifer West has an impressive record. From her current position as CISO and privacy officer at Redlands, Calif. based geographic information systems software provider ESRI, and her crucial roles as CISO at ServiceMaster […]

CISO Q&A with Banco Credibom’s Flavio Carvalho

Flavio Carvalho, CISO, at Portugal-based Banco Credibom, is an accomplished cybersecurity and privacy executive, with considerable experience building large-scale information and cybersecurity programs within many different types of businesses and markets. With his career beginning in networking and infrastructure management, Carvalho gained experience working in cybersecurity as a security services […]

Identity Management Programs: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Without a doubt, the world has changed in the past month. While I haven’t left the house since March 13 (and counting), I’ve enjoyed yoga classes, concerts and happy hours with friends (via teleconferencing), and an upcoming dermatology appointment has been converted from an in-person appointment to a telehealth appointment. […]

Remote is the new normal: Enable workers, not hackers

Hackers never sleep, and during this time of uncertainty, there’s no playbook or blueprint to arm against them. The world has changed, and so has your business. The rapid transition to remote working presents major challenges for IT and employees. Globally, 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day […]

Trust the Identity, but Verify the Access

The events of the last few weeks have had me reflecting on my epidemiology courses. As I shuffled through old lecture notes, an item stood out: opportunistic infections (OIs) and mortality. In essence, people with compromised immune systems are more likely to become ill, and seriously ill, compared to individuals […]

Three Questions with Director of Global Sales Enablement, Barrett Sellers

Barrett Sellers’ career aspirations began in middle school when she was faced with a very serious problem: How would she earn enough money to buy the latest Mork & Mindy t-shirt.? Okay, that may not sound very serious, but when you’re a teenage girl and a huge Robin Williams fan, […]