Observations from SecureWorld Detroit

Just a couple of weeks ago, security professionals, including myself, ascended upon SecureWorld Detroit to hear the latest from top security industry experts.  I also had the great opportunity to be one of these speakers and participate in two-panel sessions – “Building a Better Mouse Trap (Emerging Threats)” and “The […]

Driving Deeper into Cloud Identity Governance

SailPoint took a very important step today, announcing our intent to acquire two companies – Orkus and OverwatchID – both of which will help us to extend our ability to more deeply govern access rights across all cloud applications, systems and infrastructure. With these acquisitions, SailPoint is helping to address […]

Six Times Over, SailPoint Leads

Leading with integrity is not something we take lightly at SailPoint. It colors every facet of our business. From the care we take in addressing our customers’ identity needs, to the investment we make in continually innovating well ahead of the market, to the approach we take in constantly refining […]

Identity Governance: Going Beyond Day One Access and Compliance

Organizations are continuously searching for ways to give new hires a strong start by providing them everything they need to hit the ground running on Day 1. As a result, many are adopting tools such as Workday to make it seamless and easy for them to get access to new […]

Verwechselte Identität: Alles zu seiner Zeit

Inmitten der aktuellen Hitzewelle betrachten David Lee und Mike Kiser die Identitätslandschaft des Spätsommers. Sie (nun, Mike) schlagen eine Strategie vor, um für die jüngste Reihe von Compliance-bezogenen Geldbußen zu bezahlen, indem sie die gesamte Öffentlichkeitsarbeit eliminieren, vier Tage in einem dominikanischen Gefängnis mit John McAfee in Betracht ziehen und untersuchen, was [...]

Patent Granted for SailPoint Predictive Identity

From Edison’s lightbulb to Bell’s telephone, innovations that become tangible products can drastically change how we see, hear, and connect. And out of the realm of ideation turned reality comes SailPoint Predictive Identity, which was recently granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. See press release on […]

Mistaken Identity: Identiverse 2019 – A Capitol Affair

Live from Washington D.C., David Lee and Mike Kiser bring you into the wonderful world of Identiverse 2019. We cover the week at one of the premier identity conferences, along with special guest Cathy Hall, Privileged Access Lead from Sila. U.S. Congressman Bill Foster’s wide-ranging keynote prompts a discussion of […]

Identity is Security: Fun Idea or Creepy, You Decide

Growing old after taking a few pictures went viral this week, with celebrities like Drake to the Jonas Brothers turning to FaceApp to show their followers their aged visages. It’s a fun idea in theory (if you like the idea of seeing what you might look like in 40 years…), but […]

Identity is Security: Everywhere You Look

I apologize for getting the Full House theme song stuck in your head, but cybersecurity–the good and the bad–is everywhere you look. This week, we saw a couple of instances where cybersecurity news got hyperlocal. A major provider of electricity in Johannesburg, South Africa found themselves dealing with ransomware. And […]

Life on the SailPoint Sales Crew

Ever wondered what it’s like to be on the #SailPointCrew? Meet some of the SailPoint sales crew in the video below, then check out our careers page to find your next job!