Navigate 2021: Vertrauen neu definiert – Eine Roadmap zu Identity Security

Wir alle kennen den Spruch „Fake it till you make it“ und haben diese Mentalität wahrscheinlich schon das eine oder andere Mal angewendet, um bei einem Bewerbungsgespräch einen guten Eindruck zu hinterlassen, Angst vor Präsentationen zu überwinden oder gar eine Arbeitsstrategie zu entwickeln. In den letzten beiden Jahren mussten viele […]

Six Stories

Many people assume that there is some magic formula for success in identity. Is it having the right degree? Is it knowing the right people? Is it having a ”Particular set of skills?“ Today on Mistaken Identity, Mike Kiser interviews three sets of people who are eminently unqualified at first […]

The Power to Prevent: How Access Risk Management Detects Threats Before They Develop

Authored by: Jody Paterson Now available within IdentityNow, SailPoint’s Access Risk Management enables organizations to get granular visibility into potential access risks within complex ERP systems such as SAP — even before access is approved and provisioned. One of the biggest challenges facing any enterprise is risk management, particularly managing risks […]

Five Trends Driving Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the insurance industry. Automation of manual processes, digitization of paper forms and records, and decision support fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly becoming necessities rather than niceties. Here we explore five main reasons insurance providers must modernize to remain competitive. 1. Customer expectations have changed. […]

Three Key Takeaways From Edgile’s Recent Webinar „The Power Behind the SailPoint and Microsoft Partnership“

Authored by: Gretchen Wichmann, Managing Director at Edgile, Identity Practice Leader  Identity programs sit at the center of the modern security strategy. Developing the identity strategy and successfully running identity programs—not projects, but actual, robust programs—remains a top priority for many organizations. This leaves program execution an active assignment in today’s dynamic enterprise environment that includes a growing number of people, […]

Introducing SailPoint SaaS Management – Taking Security Beyond Just the Apps You’re Aware Of

You can’t secure what you can’t see. You can’t control what you don’t understand.   This reality alongside the rapid pace of change our customers are facing on a daily basis is what fuels some of the exciting updates our team is launching this quarter.  The future of work and employee efficiency lies […]

Three Question with EMEA Director of Inside Sales Natalie Maybin

SailPoint EMEA Director of Inside Sales Natalie Maybin’s career wasn’t a straightforward path. She started her journey as a 19-year-old receptionist at Macromedia. Through grit and determination, she worked hard at her career. This led her to sales operations, finance, and marketing for the Middle East and emerging markets at […]

Manufacturing and Rethinking Identity Security: The Time Is Now

As manufacturers modernize operations to keep pace with Industry 4.0 technologies, the need to reassess existing cybersecurity strategies is paramount. Factories have long been enticing targets for industrial espionage, intellectual property theft and even production sabotage. Now, as the line between digital and physical processes continues to blur, the threat […]

The (Identity Security) Easy Button

Remember the “easy button” from Staples that was all the rage in the workplace a few years ago?  Well, I get this question all the time – is there a way to make this any easier, like an “easy button” for identity security? And truth be told, for what we […]

Zen and the Art of Identity Security

In the classic book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, a father and son take a cross-country motorcycle trip to connect. While the book is as philosophical as you can get, for today, I want to focus on one concept in the novel that resonated with me and how it […]