Your Data Sucks… We Can Help

I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but your data sucks… and that’s a big problem. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will transform identity governance over the next few years and you need to get ready so you can take advantage of it. Here is […]

Fast Federation: Einbinden von Anwendungen bei Ihrem Identitätsanbieter

Als IT-Administrator, der mit dem Einbinden einer neuen Anwendung in Ihre Umgebung betraut ist, möchten Sie in den meisten Fällen Single Sign-On aktivieren, damit Ihre Teammitglieder mit ihren Firmendaten (Benutzername und Passwort) Zugriff auf die App haben. Die Gewährung des Zugriffs erfolgt typischerweise über die Integration in einen LDAP-Dienst direkt (vorausgesetzt, [...]

Meet the SailPoint Engineering Crew

What is it like to work at SailPoint? Get an inside look at what life on the SailPoint engineering team is like, and why they love what they do!

Performance Engineering for SaaS Products at SailPoint

Performance Engineering means many things to different people.  Some people think “simple JMeter tests” and others “advanced capacity planning” or “predictive analytics”.  The Performance Engineering practice at SailPoint spans all of these concepts.  Today we will talk about what Performance Engineering means to IdentityNow and to SailPoint.  Let’s take some […]

Bring your shovels, we’re going mining! – Gearing up for an AI revolution in access modeling

Managing access can be quite a daunting task in mid-to-large sized enterprises. Having a good answer for “Who should have access to what?” is not easy, to say the least. With a myriad of existing applications, accounts, file systems, etc. that keep growing all the time, and with a dynamic […]

Finding the Needle in the Needlestack: Moving Towards a Smarter Risk Detection, Modeling & Assessment

What is risk? Risk is a nebulous concept, albeit highly intuitive, or probably too generic of a term. The thing about risk is that to develop effective tools to deal with or mitigate its ill effects, one would typically require highly non-trivial and specific details. For example, risk from a […]

DDE search technology and how to get the most out of your queries

The Dynamic Discovery Engine (DDE) in IdentityNow provides users with the ability to search Identities and related objects using a powerful and flexible search syntax.  The DDE utilizes Elasticsearch to power this search functionality. Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analytics engine based on the Lucene information retrieval library. Elasticsearch […]

Reimagining SailPoint UI

Changing the web face of a SAAS product can be an arduous process. In SailPoint’s case, we had to remove our legacy tech debt, define the new UX vision, and build a foundation that glues the UX vision to the UI implementation. Today, the last of the IdentityNow AngularJS code […]

9 Steps to Building an Engineering Security Guild

In our blog, Security in a SaaS Product, we discussed three things: being Aggressive, Impactful, and Evolving. One of the strategies we use to help all three of those principals is our weekly Security Guild meetings. The guild’s task is helping engineering keep security on their minds. We use our […]

Identity in einer Welt mit Null Vertrauen

We have a concept at SailPoint: identity at the center of security. While that may appear self-gratifying, when you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover why it’s accurate. Zero Trust has been the growing buzzword and theme for the last couple of years in security. At its core, it means […]