The Power to Simplify Processes

Because of its global nature, ING DIRECT Australia must comply with Australian, Dutch and US regulations in addition to satisfying the business need of staying secure in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

The Process:

The bank’s largely manual processes needed to be automated and streamlined to reduce the time it took to certify access as well as standardize the process across applications and departments. This aided in the creation of role models, helping to cleanse the data in the organization and empower the business users to more efficiently perform user access reviews.

  • Unify and consistently enforce access controls
  • Streamline audit and compliance efforts
  • Automate cumbersome and error-prone manual processes
How Identity

With the efficiencies gained through utilizing the power of identity, ING DIRECT was able to reduce the time and effort involved to perform access certifications, while increasing the security of their organization and empowering their business users to manage access easily and quickly.

Within 90 days of implementing SailPoint, ING DIRECT had reduced the time it took to execute a certification cycle by 98%.