Norfolk County Council: Enabling Government Entities with Smarter Security

Norfolk County Council (NCC) is the top tier council in Norfolk, England, with seven local district councils that sit below it, servicing circa 900,000 people. Local Authorities are held to strict security and audit standards, and NCC needed to prioritize an identity-centric security program that alleviated the growing concern over disparate systems and manual processes.

The Process:

Norfolk County Council needed a solution that automated the process of managing their identities to gain full visibility into employee access. Being subject to government policy and security standards, they needed an end-to-end system to help them onboard, offboard and track access rights for full-time and temporary employees (including volunteers and students) across the entire council.

  • Increase the council’s security posture by governing the identities accessing systems and data
  • Increase productivity for employees and managers by implementing a controlled, self-service security model
  • Gain proper visibility into temporary staff’s access across all agencies
How Identity

NCC leveraged SailPoint to manage the identities working within their organization for all types of employment. They have implemented a detailed process aligning employees to their specific job role, with access to systems and tools needed to do their job on day one. Self-service password management has also allowed employees to manage their identities and passwords safely and securely, without a call to the Help Desk.

“Employees have a much more efficient start when they begin their employment at the council, which has drastically improved quality of work for managers and their teams,”

Claire Evans, Norfolk County Council Project Manager