The power to see everything.

“Through the power of identity, we now have full visibility across our systems, and can find and manage sensitive data and our users’ access to it.”

— Dor Liniado, CISO, ECI Telecom


ECI Telecom

ECI Telecom, who provides hardware and software for telecom and internet service providers, was experiencing challenges with visibility on access to their sensitive data whilst moving their more critical applications to the cloud.

The challenge

It’s said that 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, so moving it all from an on-premises location to the cloud is no small undertaking. When that data is sensitive in nature, it only compounds the project. But with SailPoint, ECI Telecom was able to successfully migrate while keeping access to their data managed and secure.

The solution

  • Manage access to all data repositories
  • Regularly maintain the health of their sensitive data
  • Determine how users are using sensitive data

The results

With SailPoint, ECI Telecom was able to gain full visibility into all their systems, move critical applications to the cloud and govern everything in their changing environment.

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