Are you ready to take what you’ve learned in school and put it to the test? Are you excited to work with an industry leader to grow and learn from the best of the best? Welcome to the SailPoint Intern Program! Learn from VPs, directors, and managers from across all departments. Contribute with your knowledge and experience to help SailPoint continue to be one of the best places to work in Austin.


At SailPoint we believe that a successful career is best nurtured by a great role model. We will match you up with a mentor who is separate from your direct manager. The mentor will act as each intern’s go-to buddy for on the job advice and training assistance. Each mentor is also given the responsibility of ensuring that you contribute to the culture and success of the organization.


At SailPoint our goal is to ensure that you get experience solving real business challenges so that you come away with valuable knowledge in your field of study. We strive to hire the best and brightest students who have a passion for innovation and want to be a part of the best Identity and Access Management software company in the industry.

Lunch & Learns

SailPoint interns get to take part in “Pizza Wednesdays” and “Breakfast Taco Fridays.” We even take it one step further by having you enjoy lunches with direct access to members of the SailPoint executive team. Each executive gives a short, informal presentation about their role in the company and how they got there. The rest of the lunch hour is an open forum to ask questions to the leadership of the company.


SailPoint prides itself in its friendly atmosphere that fosters communication across all levels and departments of the organization. You can expect to regularly join in on meetings with your department and with more senior members of your team as you work together and learn from one another.


Interns are considered full members of the SailPoint team and are invited to participate in all of our company-wide events. This includes our SailPoint picnic at Volente Beach Club, Thursday Beer Bashes, breakfast tacos on Fridays, Top Golf, SailPoint Day, and the annual Interns vs. Execs video game competition. This year our interns also designed and directed SailPoint’s CANville entry.