Access Certification

Reduce the burden and cost of user access reviews

Access certifications are a critical requirement of many data security and privacy regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and others. By regularly validating the appropriateness of user access privileges, your organization can effectively meet audit and compliance requirements and improve its overall risk posture.

SailPoint allows you to automate the entire user access review process, establishing repeatable practices for more consistent, reliable, and easier-to-manage access reviews and recertification. You can save significant time and money over manual methods (e.g., spreadsheets and email) with a streamlined solution that manages schedules, distributes access reviews to the appropriate personnel and tracks reviewer progress. And by automating the revocation of inappropriate access rights, you can quickly remediate access risks when detected.

Centralized IAM certification across all systems

All reports provide valuable context that includes business-friendly descriptions of access privileges and helpful information to focus reviewers’ attention on potential risks (e.g., new access, privileged access).

To ensure enterprise-wide coverage for your IAM certification program, you need to include all high-risk systems, spanning data center and cloud applications. SailPoint provides a large library of ready-to-deploy resource connectors to centralize access data across the organization to ensure you see the “big picture” of your audit and compliance programs.


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