ZDNet Podcast: A Conversation with SailPoint on IDaaS

With the IAM market experiencing such explosive growth, Interarbor Solutions analyst, and ZDNet columnist, Dana Gardner recently down with SailPoint’s Paul Trulove to explore the what’s behind the growing market demand for IAM.

During the interview, Paul discussed how cloud and mobile are driving the need for IT to regain control over the enterprises:

“The reality in today’s market is that a certain level of control will always be required. But as we look at the rapid adoption of new corporate enterprise resources, things like cloud-based applications or mobile devices where you could access corporate information anywhere in the world at any time on any device, the reality is that we have to put a base level of controls in place that allow organizations to protect the most sensitive assets. But you have to also provide ready access to the data, so that the organizations can move at the pace of what the business is demanding today.”

Dana also asked Paul about SailPoint’s IDaaS solution, IdentityNow, and specifically, what customers were asking for in terms of an IDaaS offering:

“The number one capability that we talk to a lot of customers about is an integrated set of IAM services that span everything from that compliance and governance to access request provisioning and password management all the way to access management and SSO. One of the things that we found as a critical driver for the success of these types of initiatives within organizations is that they don’t become siloed, and that as you implement a single service, you get to take advantage of a lot of the work that you’ve done as you bring on the second, third, or fourth services.”

You can read Dana’s recap of the conversation here: Identity and Access Management as a Service Gets Boost with SailPoint’s IdentityNow Cloud and listen to the podcast here.