You Are Now Free to Move About the Cloud

Unless you’ve been on a remote desert island, it’s impossible to miss all the cloud hype saturating our industry. The cloud remains the buzzword du jour, and that phenomenon is not likely to change anytime soon. Once you get past the hype (both pro and con, to be fair), the cloud holds a lot of promise for global companies. SaaS applications and public and private cloud environments can provide many organizations greater flexibility and agility and potential cost savings.

At the same time, for every benefit the cloud may provide, it brings new challenges. At SailPoint, we’ve been talking with our customers about cloud adoption for the last year, and regardless of industry or location, there is a constant theme: security and compliance concerns are the primary inhibitor to widespread adoption of the public cloud. As a result, enterprises are taking a cautious approach to deploying applications in the public cloud, particularly their mission-critical, “compliance-relevant” applications.

Interestingly, these same companies are plowing full steam ahead with SaaS applications, primarily driven by business units that have purchased them without IT involvement. There is a commonly held perception that these SaaS applications are not mission-critical, but we beg to differ. If you think about the value of your company’s data in SaaS solutions like Salesforce CRM or Workday HRMS, you realize the need for strong access controls and policy enforcement.

To help companies manage the risks associated with SaaS applications and public and private clouds, SailPoint announced a new solution, the Cloud Identity Bridge, which seamlessly extends the identity management capabilities of IdentityIQ to all applications deployed in cloud environments. We also announced the immediate availability of connectors for Salesforce CRM and Google Apps, which extend these same benefits to popular SaaS applications.

In the coming weeks, we plan to devote a significant portion of this blog to addressing identity management in the cloud, covering the need for a centrally managed identity governance strategy, as well as strategies for regaining IT control over SaaS applications. Our goal is to separate the hype from the reality, and provide you with pragmatic advice on how to securely and compliantly manage the cloud.

We’ll also be hosting a free webinar on April 26th to discuss identity governance and the cloud. If you’d like to join us, please register here.