Visibility is Power

When you hear the word ‘visibility’ without any context around it, what thoughts or images does it evoke? Increased clarity? Improved perception? Greater depth? A broader view? For a company like ECI Telecom and their need for insight into all sensitive infrastructure and data, all of those images certainly apply. They provide hardware and software for telecom and internet service providers and were encountering challenges while moving their more critical applications to the cloud.

Telecommunications is all about connecting people around the world with each other, and ECI Telecom needed the same type of interconnectivity in their applications and data systems as they provide to the world. To make the right decisions about who should have access to what, they needed to find a data access governance solution that could help them move to the cloud and still get that much-needed visibility.

In choosing Identity IQ File Access Manager, ECI Telecom quickly gained the visibility I mentioned above. But not just into every action taken across their sensitive infrastructure, but the visibility they need to monitor permissions and suspicious activities. This allows their IT department to catch policy violations in any of their systems, including Active Directory, SharePoint, Exchange, their file servers, and more. Interestingly, ECI is also using it as a forensic tool. Their IT team can easily find who is accessing information, how often and when to determine not only how fresh data is, but also if any should be archived or if new data storage should be added.

For more on how ECI Telecom is using data access governance to govern everything in their ever-changing world, download their full success story here.