Top 5 Attributes of a Winning Leadership Team

It’s become pretty well known that we have a winning team at SailPoint. We’re consistently voted one of Austin’s best places to work; we have exceptional employee retention (especially for the tech industry); and people just plain like working here. We strive to ensure each new employee we hire fits not only the job description but also our corporate culture. However, building and maintaining a great team starts from the top, so it’s critical to make good decisions when assembling your organization’s leadership team because you’re also laying the foundation of your company.

Kevin and I have been lucky enough to have many great leaders still with us from our early days at Waveset, and we’ve successfully built on that foundation to create SailPoint’s outstanding leadership team using the following key principles.

These five principles are the recipe for success in our leadership team at SailPoint.  In turn, our leadership team passes them down throughout the organization as they build their own teams, making the entire organization stronger. Our leadership team’s commitment to these principles and our values not only makes SailPoint successful, but also makes it a place where people want to bring their very best to work every day.