It’s Time to Get Smart!

Every year, the business landscape continues to become more dynamic and fast-paced. Doing more with less and increasing flexibility are no longer differentiators but instead have become table stakes in this environment. Adding to these demands, compliance requirements have never been higher.

Few groups have been impacted by this change more than IT and security. Evolving from a fortified perimeter, where protected endpoints and firewalls kept the network secure from attacks, organizations are now taking a more flexible approach using identity management to place a “perimeter” around each user to manage and control access to all systems, applications, and data; while still providing the freedom for a modern workforce to accomplish their work from just about anywhere in the world.

SailPoint identity governance solutions have long helped organization’s put policy and governance into place and have led the way in managing risk through identity visibility and controls. Yet, despite all the hard work managing the growing number of applications and users, many identity governance professionals find their teams under increased pressure as they attempt to get their arms around everything.

Now, instead of working harder we can begin working smarter.

This year, SailPoint has been investing heavily in data science and machine learning technology. Beginning next month customers can begin leveraging this investment to take a data driven approach to identity governance through the new IdentityAI solution.

IdentityAI represents the latest innovation to SailPoint’s Open Identity Platform. By applying machine learning to the data produced by IdentityIQ, IdentityNow and SecurityIQ , IdentityAI looks to discover risk before it becomes a security breach. By analyzing identity data such as account and entitlement assignments, combined with real-time activity information, users are better able to assess risk, maintain compliance and increase the efficiency of their governance programs.

By 2018, analytics, machine learning and policies will replace more than 50% of manual access certification and request approval tasks, up from less than 2% (Gartner, 2016)

And because IdentityAI is based on both supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms it continuously gains a deeper understanding of norms and anomalies to provide increased accuracy in risk assessment. All of this is done without additional staff resources while drastically reducing the time spent on tasks such as certifications, provisioning and access requests.

With its native integration to other SailPoint products it greatly extends the functionality and strength of your existing identity governance program and can even be leveraged to automate some low-risk activities in those products.

Features of IdentityAI Include:

  • Monitor identities in real-time to alert security administrators of risky access and behavior immediately.
  • Machine learning develops adaptive identity and behavior risk profiles based on an organization’s unique environment.
  • Audit, certification, and access requests are all expedited through contextual insights and risk-based recommendations.
  • Seamless bi-directional integration with SailPoint’s identity and data governance solutions.

Keeping pace with the dynamics of today’s evolving business landscape cannot be accomplished by simply working harder. The time has come to work smarter. IdentityAI provides the intelligence to turn traditional identity management into smart identity management.

In Las Vegas this week? Stop by booth 307 to see SailPoint at the Gartner IAM show where we will be giving demonstrations and answering questions. IdentityAI will be available in North America by the end of December.