Three Ways To Empower Users With Identity

Identity is not just an IT solution. It’s a way to empower the business user and strengthen the workforce. We have seen this demonstrated time and time again, from healthcare organizations to financial. Many organizations have embraced the cloud to extend access to business critical resources to their users, making their IT environment user-centric. This has become more and more of a priority for enterprises today. In truth, identity is what makes this more agile work environment possible.

Here are three prime examples of how identity empowers users today (just in case you weren’t convinced yet):

Work smarter

Identity allows users to work smarter, whether that’s through the ability to use cloud applications to improve their productivity or access data via mobile while they’re traveling to a conference, identity gives them the power to do that while keeping corporate data secure. We know that cloud-first is on the rise for organizations across a number of industries thanks largely in part to SaaS and the need for a work environment to meet the needs of a global, fast-paced workforce. We’ve seen our customers start this migration successfully, while seeing substantial savings in time and money on once cumbersome processes, moving thousands of apps and employee data to the cloud. (Not to mention, these processes often help the business meet regulatory compliance too.)

Improve productivity

This goes for both IT and the business user. Identity removes borders from day-to-day business processes. Working with third-parties like contractors and business partners allows for a collaborative work environment. With identity, those cumbersome approval processes are met with both a model and tool to apply that model. For IT, password resets and giving access to data is automated. We have seen this in action with our customers. In fact, one of our major healthcare customers saved more than 2,000 hours a year by implementing SailPoint products.

Create a bridge between IT and the user

BYOD, SaaS apps and compliance issues sometimes make the way IT operates and the way the user operates much different. It is IT’s job to keep data secure and make sure the business is following the rules when it comes to security policies and regulatory requirements. We know that business users aren’t always asking for permission to use apps for work purposes. In fact, 1 in 3 users purchase SaaS apps without even involving IT. Identity gives IT the power to enable users without stumbling over complicated processes along the way.

The days of managing users and applications manually are gone, yet many businesses are still struggling to not just manage the users and data, but to use it to propel their business forward. Identity governance empowers IT to remove user restrictions that limit growth and stagnate innovation. It is the key for IT and security teams to stop saying “no” and start asking “how.”

Consider identity the best kept secret to securing your data while you keep focusing on what you do best.

If you’d like to know more about how to use identity to propel your business forward, you can download the solution brief, ‘Empowering Users with Identity.’