SC Magazine eBook Reveals the State of Identity and Access Management Today

SailPoint recently sponsored an Identity Management eBook, written by the experts at SC Magazine. It takes a closer look at the latest developments in identity and access management – particularly as cloud computing, mobile and BYOD reshape the enterprise network and how it is used. The piece talks about how, as network access becomes “consumerized,” putting the various pieces together for safely granting access to staff and contractors becomes a challenge, and then goes on to detail the strategies and technologies available to help those charged with making sure identities can be trusted.

Our co-founder and CMO, Jackie Gilbert, provided some great insight for the ebook, including:

• “The state of most corporate IAM systems today is ‘challenged.’ As IT becomes more ‘consumerized,’ all types of users – workers, partners, customers – expect quick, convenient access to the resources they need.”

• “Some applications and data reside on-premises and some reside in the cloud. Adding to the complexity of this (IT) environment, business units have more autonomy to buy and deploy applications – which can often house sensitive, corporate data – without consulting or involving the IT organization.”

• “Mobile use eliminates classic Windows-based authentication options because mobile users never log into a Windows-based computer. Authentication strategies must account for a whole new set of user login options in BYOD environments.”

You can see more of Jackie’s advice, as well as from other security experts, by downloading SC Magazine’s Identity Management eBook: here.