SailPoint Predictive Identity: The Sixth Identity Sense

Humans have an innate need to minimize risk. Using the sights, sounds and scents surrounding us to guide us to safety has been our mechanism for survival and self-preservation for millions of years.

While our sense of risk has not faded, as technology has woven its way into every facet of our lives, our ability to manage the risk surrounding us has made a major shift. How do we anticipate what we cannot see (or hear or smell)?

Now, apply that line of questioning to identity governance and here we stand today, introducing you to SailPoint Predictive Identity.

SailPoint Predictive Identity learns and adapts as your business and IT environment evolves, extending the senses to truly anticipate what is waiting around the corner. It is always on, always transparent and always protecting your organization.  It shows you where attention is needed, recommends actions, and takes the lead proactively. But it does not decide for you. You are in control. Always.

Consider SailPoint Predictive Identity, your ‘sixth identity sense’ – helping your security and identity team to automate identity processes that can and should be automated, driving a more predictive and adaptive approach to identity governance, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) infused into our identity platforms.

Historically, when technology has evaded our senses, we have extended them with innovation, bringing control to situations that normally could have brought catastrophe. The car is a prime example of this. How many of us bounced around unrestrained in the back seat for the entirety of our childhoods? It took a moment, and many deaths by car accidents, to remove the sense of security a big metal box provided so we made way for some incredible technology breakthroughs. We implemented the seat belt, the five-point harness car seat for toddlers, airbags and sensors; we have used better and different materials for the mere purpose of protecting ourselves during impact and now we have technology that can detect when we are about to hit something or may be falling asleep at the wheel.

To progress and protect further, we must take another step (or ten) in identity. We know that our digital identities are central to everything we do, and that it has become more and more difficult to govern them ourselves.  Instead, SailPoint is creating a world in which we are not bound by the limitations of our own fallible brains and senses that fall short of sensing danger and opportunity in the digital universe.

With SailPoint Predictive Identity, we are continuing our mission to always equip our customers with the innovation they need to stay a step(or ten) ahead, helping every single customer to secure and enable all digital identities and their access to critical applications and data. Through this platform, we will show the world what it means to truly embrace both security and productivity. Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses gain the power to anticipate user access needs, spot risky user behaviors, achieve continuous compliance, and adapt and automate security policies.

We welcome you to embrace the power to move at the speed of innovation without sacrificing security. Welcome to SailPoint Predictive Identity.