The Forrester Wave on IAM Suites: SailPoint Opts Out

Last week, Forrester Research published a new Wave report on “IAM Suites.” If you read the report, you’ll find that SailPoint is noticeably absent. In fact, we declined to be included in the Wave, because we fundamentally disagree with Forrester over the definition of an “IAM Suite.” To us, a suite is not just a collection of products sold by the same vendor. The components of a true suite interoperate with each other seamlessly and share a common infrastructure platform (repository, workflow engine, role and policy model, etc). This interaction and interoperability is a key differentiator for SailPoint.

When we reviewed the Wave evaluation criteria, it was clear to us that the report would allow just about any bundle of products to be evaluated as a “suite,” including products acquired from different companies, products OEMed from different vendors, and even products that were combined in loose partnerships formed between separate vendors. In addition, little credit was being given to the degree of integration the suite components had with each other. As such, the report was tailor-made for vendors who could “check the box” on offering a variety of IAM products, with no integration involved.

At SailPoint, we fundamentally disagree with this definition of an “IAM suite.” A suite by this definition provides no incremental value to customers over buying best-of-breed products from separate vendors. With these “pseudo-suites,” customers must bear the burden and the expense to synchronize or integrate the disparate products, and they must deal with the complexity of multiple UIs, repositories, role and policy models, etc.

Alternatively, SailPoint delivers a functionally integrated, comprehensive IAM suite that helps customers to lower complexity and TCO while improving their security and risk posture. Our IAM suite provides compliance, provisioning, and access management solutions, and is built on a common governance platform that leverages one repository, role and policy model, and consistent user interface across products. This is the type of “suite” that customers are looking for – and we’ve made a big R&D investment to deliver it (I encourage you to read more about IdentityIQ and IdentityNow).

Our decision to sit out the Forrester Wave was not made lightly. We have the utmost respect for Forrester and the Wave’s authors, but we had a fundamental philosophical difference of opinion with them with respect to what a “true suite” is.