Attention Sun IdM Customers: What’s Your “Plan B”?

A little more than a year ago, the industry was surprised to hear that Oracle planned to acquire Sun Microsystems. Immediately, Sun customers began to wonder about the future of their existing IdM investments. It took another several months for the acquisition to be finalized, and then even more before Oracle began to roll out its product roadmap. Now, after 15 months of uncertainty, Sun customers are starting to realize what many of us already knew – it’s the beginning of the end for Sun IdM: Oracle plans to stop supporting the Sun IdM product in 2014 and will only be making minimal updates in the meantime.

Understandably, this puts Sun customers in a quandary. Most of them have invested substantial resources on their Sun provisioning implementation, and are now being asked by Oracle to start over. Many legacy provisioning vendors (including Oracle) are currently offering “free” licenses for a “rip and replace” solution, but customers still face the prospect of significant maintenance, deployment and integration costs. At its core, this “free” offer essentially means customers will take one decade old technology and replace it with another one.

The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B. – James Yorke (mathematician)

Fortunately, there’s an alternative available. This week, SailPoint launched to provide companies with a Plan B for provisioning. SailPoint’s Sun Migration Program allows Sun IdM customers to transition to a next-generation provisioning solution in a gradual, methodical way. SailPoint enables customers to immediately leverage a governance layer that complements their existing Sun provisioning implementation, extends the reach of that implementation beyond the resources being provisioning to today, and provides a roadmap to move away from Sun without starting over or disrupting the business.

The reality is that companies need to transition away from Sun IdM. But starting over isn’t the only option – there’s always a Plan B.

Note: The SailPoint crew will be at Burton Catalyst this week. If you’d like to talk more about migrating away from Sun, please join us on Wednesday in our hospitality suite, Aqua West Foyer, Room 306A.