Sun IdM Users: It’s Time to Make Your Move

During my recent travels in North America and Europe, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with dozens of IT professionals about their most pressing IAM challenges. Without question, a common topic on many peoples’ minds is the looming end-of-life for Sun Identity Manager.

I realize we’ve been talking about post-Sun plans for a while now, but with Sun IdM’s 2014 termination of support date nearing, there’s a growing sense of urgency to figure out what’s next. Understandably, many customers are concerned about the future of their existing IdM investments and are searching for a safe path forward. If you are one of the hundreds of customers impacted by the Sun IdM end-of-life and are currently planning your migration strategy, remember that not all replacements are created equal.

You may have been hearing a lot of “encouragement” to simply migrate to Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), which Oracle hopes will be perceived as the path of least resistance. However, taking a decade-old technology (Sun IdM) and replacing it with another (OIM) will still leave you with an outdated provisioning system that doesn’t address today’s IAM challenges. And, you’re still faced with the prospect of significant maintenance, deployment and integration costs. Some customers have chosen to stay the course with Sun and merely run down the clock (perhaps hoping that Oracle will have a change of heart). But, the clock is ticking and your IAM challenges are growing.

I know that many of you are reluctant to undertake another time-consuming, expensive provisioning project. Just remember that migrating to OIM or “hitting the reset button” are not your only options. Fortunately, SailPoint has a smarter game plan. We offer a Sun Identity Manager Migration Program, which allows customers to transition to a next-generation IAM solution in a gradual, methodical way. SailPoint and its partners have experts available who can pool 10 years of insights and lessons learned to make things easier on you.

The real cost of implementing an IAM solution comes from the deployment and long-term maintenance. Our solution reduces the cost of transitioning from Sun to SailPoint IdentityIQ by making the migration smooth and affordable every step of the way. (Since many of the SailPoint team came from Waveset – which is now Sun IdM – we also have the luxury of knowing the product better than anyone in the industry.)

Your replacement decision will greatly impact your identity management strategy for years to come — not to mention your bottom line, so why settle for another legacy provisioning system that will cost you more in the long run?

To help you navigate this important decision, SailPoint recently released a technical white paper describing some best practices and implementation strategies for Sun migration. If you’re ready to get moving, visit the SailPoint site to learn more about how we can help you make the transition less painful.

The “Sun” is about to set. It’s time to make your move.