SailPoint Simplifies the Process of Buying and Deploying Identity Management

Last week, Burton Group analyst Lori Rowland wrote about how the weakened economy has been good for identity management technologies. I agree with Lori – the churn created by the recession has heightened the need for companies to proactively manage risk associated with user access controls. Compliance and identity governance are more important than ever.

Over the past year, I’ve observed a changing dynamic with companies looking at identity management solutions. As cost cutting permeates every industry, companies are looking for faster, cheaper, less risky ways to deploy software. At the same time, as line-of-business managers become more involved in identity governance implementations, we’ve seen them act as agents of change, looking for faster results and more creative ways to get software up and running. The result has been an increased customer demand for non-traditional software deployment and delivery models. The economy, and its resulting constrained budgets and IT resources, has only accelerated the need for more flexibility and lower cost of ownership.

For the past year, SailPoint has been working with customers on a set of deployment models that meet their current needs and map to their project timeline. After a significant amount of testing with those companies, we’re pleased to announce the GA of a suite of new deployment options for IdentityIQ including a virtual appliance, a managed hosting option and a menu of managed services.

Clearly, there is no industry-wide ‘right model’ for deploying software. We believe the best model is the one that best matches the needs of a specific organization. The economy has put a strain on every organization, and we want eliminate the burden of deploying technology so they can focus on critical business processes. Our goal with this suite of broad delivery models is to streamline and simplify the process of buying, implementing and managing identity management solutions.

By giving organizations the flexibility they need to address immediate business problems now, with built-in agility for the future, we’re partnering with our customers to ensure long-term success – well beyond today’s recession.