SailPoint Partners Unite: PwC Acquires Everett

It’s an exciting time in the world of identity and access management. If you haven’t heard by now, Everett, an IAM specialist and one of our longest-standing partners, was acquired by PwC, another one of our long-standing partners. While we’re thrilled for our friends at Everett given our history with them through the years, this acquisition underscores just how vital identity and access management is to enterprises all over the world.

Managing the slew of identities (and all the access privileges that comes with each of those identities) is not a new problem, but it has increased significantly in strategic importance to organizations due to the recognition that identity is the key concept that links the extended enterprise linked together across on-premises, cloud, and mobile devices. Putting identity at the center of of all of this is the only way to stay ahead of the growing security threats we face today.

With the specific identity information needed to make informed, real-time decisions, enterprises can fully secure access to an organization’s structured and unstructured data. With this knowledge, enterprises are better positioned to address security incidents across the infrastructure. In this scenario, identity is everything.

With the acquisition of Everett, PwC is making a powerful statement to the market regarding the focus it is putting on identity management. Enterprises are sure to benefit from the PwC and Everett pairing and everyone at SailPoint is excited to work with the combined companies as we partner to help our collective customers put identity at the center of all that they do from an IT and security standpoint.