SailPoint at Oktane ’18: Putting Identity at the Center

Coming off the heels of our most successful and exciting Navigate, we jumped right back into conference mode last week with our gold level sponsorship of Oktane 18.  This was our first year of participating in Oktane, following our strategic partnership announcement in February.

It was so exciting to see how the focus and consistency of the event theme and messages align with SailPoint around putting identity at the center of an organizations’ IT, security and governance-based initiatives.

With the proliferation of enterprise applications, data, cloud services, mobile, intelligent devices, and smart software automation — enterprise defenses such as anti-malware, firewalls, and traffic encryption just aren’t enough.  All of these technologies are essential, but any layered defense needs a strong identity governance strategy and approach.

In one of the breakout sessions, Stephen Lee, senior director of business development and partner solutions at Okta, and Wayne Hilt, executive director at Optiv, discussed how identity management can be a core enabler of an effective security program. Hilt urged attendees to not see security as an add-on or an afterthought: “‘Identity as the new perimeter’ is somewhat outdated,” he noted. Instead, identity needs to be “the core of your security program.”

The Power of the Partnership

With all of today’s threats and disparate systems, having strong technology alignment with best-in-breed cybersecurity solutions is more important than ever.  This is why the SailPoint and Okta strategic partnership is so exciting. It brings the two respective leaders in identity governance and access management together, empowering organizations with a proven and integrated identity solution.

We were thrilled and honored during the event’s Partner Day to receive the Okta “Ace of Innovation” Award for our work on the new Okta Connector.  Our Okta product integration brings value to both SailPoint and Okta customers alike, providing the ability to aggregate, sync, load and provision changes from Okta directly into SailPoint, enabling a seamless, integrated user experience.

SailPoint’s commitment to providing the “open identity platform” combined with Okta’s “One App” platform translates to a rich frontier of possibilities for customers. These possibilities will not be realized without the help of smart, proven, capable SI’s established in the access management and identity governance world.

The Power of Identity²

Of course, one of the best parts of participating in Oktane (Yes, even including seeing President Obama) was meeting with and talking to Oktane attendees as well as SailPoint and Okta customers and partners.  It wasn’t uncommon however for questions to come up asking about the differences in our products and the benefits of the combined solutions.

Joe Gottlieb, SailPoint Sr. VP of Corp Development said it best during one of our customer discussions:

Okta is about connecting everything. SailPoint is about governing everything. Okta is about accelerating end user access; SailPoint is about tapping on the brakes as needed for proper governance. We both do a bit of the other (Okta has access control policies and SailPoint automates governance-driven entitlements), but our primary points of focus are reflected in this gas/brake analogy.

The goal is to help people move more quickly and easily, from anywhere and rapidly adapt to changing business conditions. This is a much more agile world when it comes to people and data. And this has a profound impact on security and identity.

When talking about governance, it comes down to ensuring three fundamental questions: who has access to what data and resources, who should have access to what data and resources, and are those who do have access acting responsibly?

And what a better way to tell the combined solution story, Greg Duff, VP, IT Service Management with GM Financial presented how he is making identity smarter by automating and unifying access across SailPoint and Okta, improving security while reducing risk, and enforcing compliance.

Even though Oktane 18 is now over, I am looking forward to a longstanding partnership with Okta.  As organizations take advantage of this partnership, they will come to find and benefit from the synergies and power that come from two market leaders working together to deliver a best-in-class identity solution to address their digitally transforming landscape.


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