When Two Identity Leaders Join Forces

It’s an exciting time to be in identity. I say this with a grin because it’s a statement that I make almost every day, a notion that never ceases to amaze me. Even though I have been in this industry for almost two decades, every day brings new challenges, and with it, new and exciting dynamics. Today is another one of those ‘exciting times’ in identity as we just announced a new partnership, one that speaks to the value of our open platform approach to Identity, but also to the power of partnering with the right companies that ultimately provide huge benefits to our customers.

Our new partnership is with Okta. The synergies between the two companies are great: we’ve both innovated and disrupted our own industries (access management for Okta, identity governance for SailPoint), we’ve both established leadership positions in Identity, and we’re both focused on addressing today’s identity problems in meaningful ways. Okta addresses identity challenges from an access management lens, with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to drive a more efficient and secure workforce. SailPoint addresses identity challenges from an identity governance lens, ensuring that whoever has access to important company applications and data should have that access and is using that access according to corporate security policies.

From an industry standpoint, this move is important for a few reasons. It allows SailPoint and Okta, two SaaS identity leaders, to bring ease of access, security and control to our collective customers, and does so in a platform-agnostic way. We know most enterprises operate in a largely heterogeneous environment and as such, they need to secure access to all their applications and data, no matter the platform, on-premises or in the cloud. Importantly, they also need to be able to properly govern that access.

Partnering with Okta naturally underscores the reason we have an open approach to identity in the first place. We’re giving our customers freedom of choice by opening up our solution to interoperate with leading technology providers like not only Okta, but also Microsoft, VMware, CyberArk, and many, many others, all driven by customer and market need. With Okta, we’re helping enterprises balance the convenience of access management with the identity governance controls they need to securely manage the demands of today’s modern workforce.

As we celebrate our partnership with Okta today, I think it’s worth repeating: when two identity leaders join forces to deliver best-in-class solutions and help our joint customers harness the power of identity, it is TRULY an exciting day to be in Identity.