Rise and Shine: It’s a New Dawn for Identity Governance

The exciting buzz of “artificial intelligence” has almost every industry clamoring to take advantage of its ability to crunch data and accelerate business productivity in many creative ways. The field of enterprise identity governance is now the next in line to experience enlightening advances utilizing this technology as SailPoint releases IdentityAI.

IdentityAI extends SailPoint’s open identity platform by bringing data analysis and machine learning to identity governance programs. Learning from both data and human interactions, IdentityAI solves some of the most common challenges that identity programs face when it comes to effective and efficient governance.

Having a challenge with slow or ineffective access reviews?

IdentityAI can focus a reviewer’s time by surfacing users who have had significant or risky changes to their access since the last review. By cutting down the number of identities to be reviewed, access certification timelines become manageable and the reviews become more effective.

Need to look back in time to discover when a particular identity had access approved or revoked?

IdentityAI’s historical access timeline logs every change to an identity over time. Thus saving hours of investigation time should a compromise occur or when joiner, mover, leaver changes need to be confirmed.

Want to better understand which access requests pose a risk to the organization?

Using machine learning, IdentityAI produces dynamic risk assessments based on its understanding of your organizational environment and details surrounding the request. Contextual insights such as the number of peers who may have similar access or the level of risk that access to a certain application may possess, based on who else has access, can encourage further investigation before approving.

And because IdentityAI is part of the SailPoint ecosystem, it is natively integrated into other SailPoint products to provide real-time, in-product insights at the time of a certification or approval decision.

An IdentityAI beta customer recently shared their own AI generated discovery when they uncovered a process error that was unintentionally hiding a subset of users from being actively managed. This resulted in a number of users with entitlements that were being hidden from the organization.

As the security landscape continues to become more complex, SailPoint’s identity governance innovations continue to evolve to meet the needs of the enterprise. The dawn of artificial intelligence shines a bright light where identity governance can be used to gain greater operational efficiencies, better secure your infrastructure, and keep everyone compliant.

Today we are proud to announce the release of IdentityAI to North America.

For more information please visit www.sailpoint.com/identityai.