Putting Identity at the Center for a Secure Future

At SailPoint, one of our major focus areas is on customer success. It runs through everything that we do as an organization and comes from the top right on down to every single employee here. Today, we’re taking a moment to put the spotlight on Western Union, showcasing their success in consolidating from four disparate products, standardizing on SailPoint to roll out an integrated identity governance platform.

With a long history of innovation, Western Union has made quite a few evolutions in their 165-year history. They transitioned from a telecommunications giant, delivering telegrams across the country, into the money transfer leader we know today. With the advancement of technology, Western Union faced challenges in adapting, much like any major enterprise would today. One of those challenges was finding the right technology solution to manage their ever-evolving identity governance needs, and one that could scale to become the full-fledged platform they needed.

For a company as large as Western Union, time – and capability – is of the essence. They needed to implement and then migrate hundreds of applications, within one year of the initial project date, and SailPoint delivered. Although the full integration with SailPoint is still in the works, Western Union has already seen great improvements in their identity governance processes. With IdentityIQ, Western Union’s IT team has full visibility into who has access to what, across all 20,000+ users. They are then able to easily report who has access for re-certification, as well as quickly and efficiently de-provision access as a result of the increased oversight provided by IdentityIQ.

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