The Power of Identity is the Power to Move Business Forward

If you look up the word ‘power’ in the dictionary, it is typically described as ‘great or marked ability to do or act or accomplish something;’ it also is defined as ‘strength; might.’

Our definition of Power is…Identity.

The power to move your business forward with confidence – or to riff on the dictionary definition of ‘power’ – to do or act with strength, accomplishing great things: That is the Power of Identity.

In the context of our current enterprise security reality – where the headlines constantly portray fear, uncertainty, and doubt – the power that comes with identity management has been missing from the conversation for quite some time now.

And today, as we unveil our new brand strategy, our goal is to highlight the very abundant opportunities that come with using identity as a business enabler. What you are about to see is not just the result of a branding initiative started several months ago. It is the essence of who we are and what we believe. Identity is our focus. It is our passion. And, over the last decade, we have worked diligently to make it a critical solution for our customers, helping ensure that everything in their business is more secure, more productive and more efficient.

At SailPoint, from the very beginning, we’ve always believed that identity is not simply an IT issue, but it is a business enabler driven by IT. It gives our customers the power to grow their workforce, to expand into new geographies, to innovate into new markets, to compete fearlessly. Identity gives IT the power to say ‘yes’ to users, applications, cloud and other emerging technologies. Identity gets CIOs out of the business of saying ‘no’ and into the business of saying ‘how’.

Identity gives our customers the power to win. Securely. Confidently.

With the Power of Identity, our goal is to lead our customers, some of the world’s largest global 5000 organizations, from fear, to fearlessness; from the weight of the world, to weightlessness; and from a workforce, to a force of ideas.

At SailPoint, we’re passionate about the power of identity, and the competitive advantage it delivers. That conviction drives us everyday.

To push the boundaries with innovation.

To deliver unparalleled customer success.

To be the best identity team – in the world.

To be THE leader in identity governance.

SailPoint. The Power of IdentityTM.

Please take a few moments today to take a peek through our new corporate website where you will see our vision for identity play out in imagery, colors, and messaging. Over the next few days and weeks, expect to hear even more from us on what the Power of Identity means to our customers, our partners, and to the industry.

We are both so excited about where SailPoint is heading as we close out 2016 and move into 2017 confidently, securely, and driven by…the Power of Identity.

Mark and Kevin