Poor Password Hygiene is Putting Today’s Enterprise at Risk

Despite the hype about the password being dead, passwords remain a necessary layer of protection that can be a simple and highly effective way to keep hackers out. But even as the knowledge that hackers are targeting users as their doorway into the enterprise continues to be evident, employees tend to have poor password hygiene. They’re either sharing passwords across multiple accounts and systems, not regularly updating or changing their password or not adhering to overall password management policies as they should be doing. 37% of respondents to SailPoint’s Market Pulse Survey cited password hygiene as a big factor into their organization’s overall risk profile.

How Identity Helps

Login fatigue is a real thing and a definite symptom of a larger, more cumbersome issue. The adoption of cloud technologies and the number of apps and data people must access each day means businesses need to adapt to accommodate those apps and data. The power of identity gives IT the power to migrate from legacy software to a solution that supports cloud applications, policy enforcement, mobile end user capabilities and lower operational costs. As IT teams scale, the business value that results from managing that fine line between convenience and control is not to be undervalued, and that’s the power of identity.