Password Management Trade-in Offer: Replace Your Aging Solution

As you’ve heard us discuss here on numerous occasions, passwords are not dead. Far from it, in fact. The challenge we are facing, though, is a real lack of concern over password security amongst the general employee population at most organizations. And, who’s to blame them?

Not only do end users have to remember an ever-growing list of requirements that are complicating passwords, for example a minimum number of characters, plus a combination upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters, but the tools used by most organizations to help the process simply are not keeping up with this growing complexity facing users with ever-changing password policies and a growing number of applications to juggle. Organizations recognize the gaps this is causing in security and want to enforce better password management policies, but legacy password management solutions are too expensive and haven’t kept up with today’s business needs.

To help organizations combat this growing password management challenge, we recently announced a “trade-in” program for legacy password management solutions. Now through June 2015, we will replace a legacy password management application with IdentityNow, SailPoint’s IAM-as-a-Service solution, to qualified companies for less than what that company is paying your current vendor annually for support and maintenance.

With this offer, our customers can experience first hand (and quickly) how IdentityNow addresses the growing issue of password reuse by providing employees with the convenience of a single place to manage passwords, while providing IT organizations with the controls to ensure strong, unique passwords are being used.

Customers will immediately benefit from IdentityNow’s password management and SSO (yes, we believe SSO should be part of a next-gen approach to managing passwords) capabilities for both cloud and on-premises applications. And, there’s no risk, because qualified organizations can replace their outdated solutions with SailPoint IdentityNow for less than what they’re already spending on a tool that is no longer effective.

If you’d like more information on IdentityNow, as well as SailPoint’s “trade-in” program, please visit: the IdentityNow solution page.

We are also hosting a webinar, “Cut Your Costs with a Next Generation Password Management Approach,” to delve deeper into the specifics of SailPoint’s IdentityNow and best practices on February 25th. We hope you can join us to hear more about how to modernize your current solution.