It’s Time to Re-examine Your Password Management Solution

Password management solutions have been around for over a decade, and I think most of us assume that this is a very mature segment of IAM. We also assume that vendor offerings provide very similar feature sets, and that most organizations have already addressed the problem with some type of automated solution. In reality, new challenges have emerged to make password management more difficult, and the options available to solve the problem have evolved significantly.

SaaS Is Driving Password Proliferation
With the growing adoption of cloud computing, the number of logins and passwords that employees must use on a daily basis has escalated and is a growing source of frustration and lost productivity. Since most first-generation password management don’t provide connectivity to cloud applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Office365, there are no automated password reset or account unlock capabilities for these SaaS apps. That means employees must call the help desk to restore lost or forgotten passwords. Worst of all, there’s the temptation to use the same password for all applications or to write down SaaS passwords on a sticky note, creating security risks that most organizations are trying to avoid.

Mobile Is Becoming a Critical Step in the Process
The other technology trend that makes it worthwhile to revisit your password management strategy is mobile computing and the widespread usage of smart devices by workers around the world. Mobile devices provide a convenient and cost-effective way to handle situations where workers are locked out of their desktops and need an alternate “channel” to unlock their accounts via a password reset from challenge questions or from a one-time password.

In the past, password management providers had to rely on kiosks or desktop password reset options through Microsoft GINA or Credential Provider, which can be expensive and complex to implement and maintain, or they simply relied on calls to the help desk to manually reset passwords. By implementing a password management solution that supports mobile devices for self-service reset and account unlock, you can deliver the fast, convenient service that your business users expect and save money at the same time.

SailPoint Password Management Handles SaaS and Mobile Demands
SailPoint’s support for the hybrid enterprise and investment in mobility is evident in what we offer customers. Our robust library of connectors that spans cloud and on-premises applications offers the hybrid enterprise a consistent level of security and a continued reduction in help desk costs through password change, reset and synchronization. That library represents over eighty connectors – 25% of which are for SaaS applications– and our investment is accelerating.

From a mobility perspective, SailPoint customers can leverage smart devices to act as that alternate source to be sent one-time passwords to fulfill a password reset or to unlock an account. As we look at the future, SailPoint will soon add password reset capabilities to the SailPoint Mobile App, which will allow end users to reset or change passwords from tablet and smart phones. Stay tuned!