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Tales from the Trenches: Identity Governance Best Practices

In SailPoint’s recent issue of NAVIGATE, Kevin shares identity governance best practices based on his discussions with SailPoint customers: It’s important to take a step back from your identity governance initiatives to make sure you’re addressing security and compliance challenges in tandem. It not only makes your approach more efficient, […]

A Guide to Getting Started with Identity Governance

While identity governance is beginning to get more mainstream attention, companies are still struggling to understand what features and functionality fall under the identity governance umbrella. In last week’s Computer Technology Review, Jackie contributed an article, “Gaining Visibility and Control with Identity Governance: A Guide to Getting Started,” in an […]

Reflecting on 10 Years of IdM Technology

This week commemorates Dave Kearns’ 10th anniversary writing Network World’s Identity Management newsletter. As a faithful follower over the past decade, I’m sending hearty congratulations to Dave for his feat. Keep those insights coming! Dave’s column this week led me to reflect on how the IdM market has changed over […]

IDC/RSA Survey Highlights the Cost of Insider Threats

Like many in the industry, this week’s RSA-sponsored IDC report, “Insider Risk Management: A Framework Approach to Internal Security,” caught my eye. The report led with the finding that 52% of the respondents “characterized their incidents arising from insider threats as predominantly accidental.” This in turn triggered a media storm […]

Roles and Communism at Burton Catalyst

One of the things I enjoy most about Burton Catalyst is the chance to hear first-hand from client organizations about their identity management deployments. For the most part, these sessions deal honestly with issues and challenges, are relatively hype-free, and focus on the pragmatic vs. the visionary. This year’s Catalyst […]

Burton Catalyst Reprised

Last week, I was out in beautiful San Diego for the annual Burton Catalyst Conference. Despite the slow economy, the conference was very well attended – attesting to the attendees’ level of interest and quality of information delivered by Burton. This year’s identity track was kicked off by Bob Blakley, […]

A Technical View of BPM & Identity Governance

Building on Mark’s post from earlier this week, I want to add that I think the industry needs to get out of the mindset of thinking of “the business of identity” as an IT tools problem. For sure, provisioning has the potential to provide a consistent transactional “bus” for the […]

Business Process Management: A Key Element of Identity Governance

Last week, I was very pleased to see Burton Group publish a report entitled “Access and Identity Governance: Leading to Transparency and Visibility.” The report, authored by Gerry Gebel, describes how an access and identity governance layer has emerged to address enterprise needs for greater transparency, visibility and business controls. […]

Goldman Sachs Tries to Catch a Thief

I came to work this morning to read a Bloomberg article, “Goldman May Lose Millions From Ex-Worker’s Code Theft,” about a recent data breach. The details are still coming in, but allegedly a former computer programmer from Goldman Sachs, Sergey Aleynikov, downloaded and stole a copy of proprietary trading software. […]

Feet on the Street: Day 2 of Security Summit Focuses on Customer Successes

Today during the Gartner Information Security Summit, SailPoint participated in a very interesting program put together by Gartner called the CISO Boardroom – an invitation-only forum designed to help CISOs and CSOs explore key IT security issues and strategies with their peers. We participated in a round table discussion where […]