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Feet on the Street: SailPoint’s Latest Users Group

Several members of the SailPoint team traveled up to Chicago last week for one of our regional SailPoint Users Group meetings. The meeting was very well attended by SailPoint customers across mid-western states, with a few customers joining us from as far away as North Carolina and Georgia. These events […]

2011: Incorporating Business into IdM (Finally!)

If you can believe it, I’m already fielding questions about my prediction for 2011. As customers start planning for next year, they want to know where to focus and what to look for. I know the IdM industry has long-talked about the holy grail of bridging IT and business (or […]

2010 Market Pulse Survey: Moral Grey Area Exposes Companies to Data Theft

SailPoint recently announced the results of our 2010 Market Pulse Survey focused on employees’ attitudes toward company data. We got some pretty startling results from the more than 1,500 workers polled in the U.S. and Great Britain: Half of the respondents said they would take company data with them when […]

Feet on the Street: Burton Catalyst

Last week, the SailPoint team attended the Burton Gartner Catalyst show in San Diego. The event was very well attended, and it presented a great opportunity to hear from the analysts and connect with our customers and prospects in between sessions and during our Mad Hatter’s identiTEA Party hospitality suite. […]

Attention Sun IdM Customers: What’s Your “Plan B”?

A little more than a year ago, the industry was surprised to hear that Oracle planned to acquire Sun Microsystems. Immediately, Sun customers began to wonder about the future of their existing IdM investments. It took another several months for the acquisition to be finalized, and then even more before […]

Oracle’s 11g Falls Short for Today’s Identity Governance Needs

For some time, I’ve been watching Oracle’s marketing machine tout the impending arrival of Oracle Identity Manager 11g- a reportedly “revolutionary” suite of IdM products. I saw the OIM 11g announcement this morning and spent more than a few minutes digesting its contents. I have to admit that I was […]

Don’t Underestimate the Risk of Privileged Users

A few weeks ago, I was out on the West Coast talking to companies about privileged user management and identity governance with our technology partner, Cyber-Ark. This is an area of real concern for lots of organizations – and rightfully so. During our meetings, we exchanged real-world “horror stories” about […]

It’s Time to Rethink Your Provisioning Project

Our CTO Darran Rolls recently focused on the fact that traditional provisioning solutions took a “bottom-up, connector-focused” approach as opposed to a “top-down governance model” approach (“The Value of Taking a Governance-based Approach to Provisioning“). The net result being that many provisioning projects failed to deliver on their value proposition […]

The Value of Taking a Governance-based Approach to Provisioning

In case you missed it, SailPoint recently announced a new provisioning solution based on identity governance. I believe this announcement not only signaled a fundamental change in approach from “old school” provisioning systems, but also sent a much needed life preserver to companies struggling with a provisioning quagmire. I know […]

What’s the Most Direct Path to Good Corporate Governance?

Last week’s oil spill has me thinking about how – and when – government regulation is the ideal path to mandate corporate governance. Specifically in the IdM space, I’ve watched government regulations evolve to address transparency, privacy and consumer data protection. As I look back at what’s happened, it’s apparent […]