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Feet on the Street: Day One at IBM Pulse

The SailPoint team is out in Las Vegas this week, exhibiting at the IBM Pulse conference. I’m happy to say that attendance is quite healthy, despite the tough economy – around 4,000 according to the show organizers (of course this includes IBM staff) – and the SailPoint booth has been […]

The New Reality of “Do More With Less”

An article by Marcia Savage published in Information Security today caught my eye: “PCI Costs Slow Compliance Projects in Down Economy.” The article describes how in an economic downtown, financial services companies will look for ways to spend less (yes, less) on PCI compliance. Quoting commentary from Larry Ponemon (whose […]

The Importance of Managing User Access in Today’s Economy

Today’s brutal economy is producing a perfect storm for massive insider threats. Shotgun mergers on a grand scale, which historically would take months of due diligence to complete, are happening over the weekend. Staggering levels of layoffs are being announced weeks before they’re being executed, leaving employees in a state […]

Lessons from TJX: Proactive Risk Management Pays

I read today that TJX just held a “Customer Appreciation” sale related to the massive data breach that exposed as many as 100 million customer accounts. According to TJX spokesperson Sherry Lang, TJX offered customers 15% off entire purchases on January 22 “to express our appreciation to customers for their […]

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