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Goldman Sachs Tries to Catch a Thief

I came to work this morning to read a Bloomberg article, “Goldman May Lose Millions From Ex-Worker’s Code Theft,” about a recent data breach. The details are still coming in, but allegedly a former computer programmer from Goldman Sachs, Sergey Aleynikov, downloaded and stole a copy of proprietary trading software. […]

Feet on the Street: Day 2 of Security Summit Focuses on Customer Successes

Today during the Gartner Information Security Summit, SailPoint participated in a very interesting program put together by Gartner called the CISO Boardroom – an invitation-only forum designed to help CISOs and CSOs explore key IT security issues and strategies with their peers. We participated in a round table discussion where […]

Feet on the Street: Gartner’s Security Summit Focuses on Risk Management

Yesterday, we kicked off the first day of Gartner’s Information Security Summit (#GartnerSecurity) in Washington, DC with Chris Byrnes’ keynote, “Your Role in Information Security.” A major theme throughout the presentation was the growing emphasis on business risk management globally. Gartner predicts that in the next 18 months, the amount […]

Mitigating the Risk of Privileged Users and Accounts

The security risk posed by insiders is growing in magnitude. What’s at stake? Brand reputation, customer and shareholder confidence, even market capitalization. Companies can address many aspects of this business risk through proactive monitoring and controls, but addressing the risk of privileged “super” users and privileged accounts has remained a […]

The Economic Reality: Prudent IT Purchases Focus on Value

Like Kevin, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the road meeting with SailPoint customers and prospects. During these meetings, I have the pleasure of hearing firsthand perspectives on how companies are addressing immediate identity and security needs, while trying to survive a very difficult economy. Managing the IT […]

All’s Fair in Security?

I read an interesting piece in InfoWorld by Roger Grimes, “A Sweet Solution to the Insider Threat.” The premise of Grimes’ article is that companies should use computer decoys, or “honeypots,” to catch workers attempting to login to resources they have no business reason for accessing. Honeypots by their very […]

The World is Flat When Integrating Governance and Compliance

In his recent Network World column, “The Regional, Cultural and National Differences of Identity Management,” Dave Kearns discussed a panel he moderated at last week’s European Identity Conference: On a panel called “Is there a difference between the European way of doing IAM/GRC and the rest of the world?” I […]

Getting Real about Transparency: What You Can’t See May Bite You

In SailPoint’s second Market Pulse Survey (announced yesterday), we asked Global 2000 companies about how they are managing IT risk given the economic downturn and resulting corporate churn. Not surprisingly, given the recessionary budgets and resource allocations these companies are facing, the survey showed that companies remain very exposed to […]

Steak Dinner for Your Data?

I’ve been at the RSA Conference all week, so I just noticed an intriguing news item from The Register on Monday. The article details survey results from an unnamed security vendor, concluding that one-third of workers are open to bribes for data theft. It’s beyond the scope of this blog […]

Watching the Identity Management Sun Set

Most of us were surprised yesterday to hear Oracle’s intentions to acquire Sun. What does this announcement mean for the IdM space? While Oracle has taken out one of its chief competitors in the IdM suite business as a by-product of the acquisition, it has done so at the cost […]

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