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Join SailPoint at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit Next Week!

Monday marks the start of the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in National Harbor, MD, right outside of Washington, DC. Join SailPoint and 1,600 of the industry’s top IT security and risk management executives from across the country to tackle real world problems such as identity and access management, […]

The Right Way to Implement Risk Management: Mapping Compliance to Security Practices

Does addressing risk-based security decisions for your organization mean that you are also compliant in the eyes of the auditors? This is a general question Ericka Chickowski addresses in her recent article for Dark Reading – “Mapping Compliance Proof To Risk-Based Controls.” It is a compelling article that addresses a […]

Like it or Not, BYOD is Here to Stay

Embrace BYOD or get left behind. That’s the reality that many companies now face, as the surge in the “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) trend blurs the lines between personal and professional. Employees can now access applications and data from any device, at any time, from anywhere – a phenomenon that is gaining […]

Navigated a Success!

Earlier this month, the SailPoint crew had the pleasure of spending quality time with more than 200 customers and partners from around the globe – with several traveling from as far away as Australia, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and South Africa – at our inaugural customer conference, Navigate ’13.   […]

How Providence Health Built Its Next Generation IAM

If your hospital emergency room is in beautiful downtown Burbank, California, chances are you are going to have some pretty well-known people walk in from the various movie and TV studios that populate the town. And, if you are the System Director of Enterprise Security for the company that owns […]

Selecting the Right SSO Product

I got to see the AccessIQ single sign-on (SSO) product this week at SailPoint’s Navigate conference. When I did my review for Network World last fall, it wasn’t available yet. Too bad, because it would have scored highly given the criteria that I used for the review. The notion of […]

How to Sell Identity Management to Your Executives and End Users at the Same Time

As readers of this blog well know, selling Identity Management solutions internally is not always a slam-dunk, and with six-plus figure price tags, these sales take time to win both upper management and then users in the trenches. Part of the trick is being able to sell up and down […]

How Do You Future-proof Your Business?

At the Navigate opening session today, SailPoint CEO Mark McClain spoke to how to future proof your IAM. He mentioned several tenets that the company keeps in mind while rolling out new products and Web services. First, it has to have a user interface that is consumer-grade dirt simple with […]

The Future of IAM According to Gartner’s Earl Perkins

Earl Perkins, the Gartner IAM analyst, spoke today at SailPoint’s Navigate conference about the future of the technology. He covered how businesses are evolving to take the best advantage of managing their identity collections. One item was his opinion on how some IAM projects fail because “IT tries to find […]

Navigate ’13: Addressing Today’s IAM Challenges

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to speak with dozens of current and prospective customers at a series of CISO breakfast meetings in the U.S. and at the recent Gartner IAM Summit in London. What struck me about those conversations is that while many were interested in discussing new […]