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It’s Time to Re-examine Your Password Management Solution

Password management solutions have been around for over a decade, and I think most of us assume that this is a very mature segment of IAM. We also assume that vendor offerings provide very similar feature sets, and that most organizations have already addressed the problem with some type of […]

Save $300 off Registration for Gartner IAM Summit!

If you haven’t already marked your calendar for the industry’s must-attend IAM event of the year, Gartner IAM Summit, taking place November 18-20th in Los Angeles, CA, you should! Join us this year and you’ll learn how to future-proof your IAM strategy for access accountability, transparency and control. You’ll receive […]

Webinar: Achieve Quick Wins and Big ROI with IAM-as-a-Service

SailPoint is gearing up to host a live webinar on the topic of IAM-as-a-Service (IDaaS). This webinar will take you one step past the discussion of “what is IDaaS?” and “is it right for my organization?” and explain how taking an integrated, incremental approach to IDaaS will help you to […]

Part 3 of 3: IAM Lessons Learned Series: Measuring Success and Moving Ahead

Today’s blog is the final installment of the 3-part series in which I share tips and best practices we’ve learned along the way in our enterprise IAM deployments here at SailPoint. Before we jump, here’s a quick recap of the first two posts in the services. In the first article, […]

The Forrester Wave on IAM Suites: SailPoint Opts Out

Last week, Forrester Research published a new Wave report on “IAM Suites.” If you read the report, you’ll find that SailPoint is noticeably absent. In fact, we declined to be included in the Wave, because we fundamentally disagree with Forrester over the definition of an “IAM Suite.” To us, a […]

Part 2 of 3: IAM Lessons Learned Series: Defining IAM Project Scope

Today’s blog is the second in our 3-part series in which we share lessons learned in enterprise IAM deployments. Last week, I shared best practices for building your team. Once you have identified the key stakeholders for your project and assembled the right team, you can focus on defining your […]

Video: SCIM is an Important Standard: Learn Why in Just 5 Minutes

Standards are critical to ensuring the success of future IAM programs across the enterprise, but with so many options in the industry, a lot of confusion exists as to which one delivers the most value.  At this year’s Gartner Catalyst conference in San Diego, Ian Glazer hosted an “Identity Smackdown” […]

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Speak at Navigate ‘14

When I look back on SailPoint’s Navigate ’13 conference held in Austin last April, I can still feel the excitement and enthusiasm that surrounded the event. I had the privilege of introducing many of our amazing presenters and got to share experiences with customers and partners from around the world. […]

On-Demand Webinar: Introducing Enterprise IDaaS – A Roadmap for the Future

Last week we hosted a live webinar on the topic of IAM-as-a-service (IDaaS), and the attendance level was among the highest we’ve seen. It was great to see this level of interest in IDaaS and SailPoint’s new solution, IdentityNow. IDaaS for enterprises is clearly a topic that interests many organizations, […]

Real-World Examples: Helping Customers with Provisioning Replacements

With both Sun Identity Manager (aka Oracle Waveset) and BMC Control-SA reaching end-of-life (EOL) at the end of 2014, hundreds of companies around the world are anxious about their next step. Migrating from one provisioning solution to another is not to be taken lightly – especially after years of time […]