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The CEO Book Club: Paving a Path to Business Success

Being successful is both a science and an art, whether in business or in your personal life. There are many well-defined approaches to strategy that I have learned from my reading, but increasingly, it is the human element that often separates the long-term winners from the long-term losers in both […]

Why Healthcare Providers Need to Rethink the Impact of Identity Governance

In today’s digitized healthcare environment, many providers continue to view cybersecurity as an IT challenge. However, it is important to step back and consider how data security facilitates information exchange, which is essential to the industry’s current integrated approach to patient care. When observed in this context, provider organizations can […]

Identity Governance Evolving in the Enterprise

Global enterprises have a lot of changing needs as they constantly pivot to address ever-changing business requirements. This is forcing more and more enterprises to evolve their infrastructure. While some are moving to a cloud-first strategy, others are looking for a delivery option that reduces their needs for skilled staff […]

Your Password (Strategy) is Incorrect, Please Try Again

Passwords. We all love to hate them. And while some technology companies, like Microsoft, Google and Apple are working hard to rid the world of passwords, this standard method of authentication isn’t going away anytime soon. Passwords are a vital part of the security posture for most companies, yet they […]

How Corporate Culture Can Make (Or Break) Your Organization

As the entrepreneurial bug bites more people and money floods into technology startups, the buzz about company culture continues to get louder. Whether it’s nap pods, private chefs, indoor tree houses or over-the-top parties, tech companies are pulling out all of the stops in hopes of creating the coolest corporate […]

Charting Uncharted Waters: Comprehensive Identity Governance

Over the past two blogs in this series, I have explored the issues facing identity governance teams with the growing amount of sensitive data stored in files across the organization. Let’s quickly recap where we left off last time when we explored the three key reasons governing access to files […]

Gartner IAM Summit Feet on the Street: The Top 3 Priorities for Identity

Each spring, identity professionals come together for the annual Gartner IAM Summit in London to learn about new trends and vendor solutions, and to network with other like-minded individuals.  This years’ event was rich with insights from Gartner, vendors and organizations who shared their own challenges, solutions and best practices. […]

An Identity Management Case Study: The Race Against Time

It’d be hard to tell if it’s a good news or a bad news situation. You’re the senior vice president of identity and access management at an international financial services enterprise when you’re informed that you’ll be given all of the budget and resources you need to transform the identity […]

The Importance of Governing Access to Data Stored in Files

According to Gartner*, upward of 80 percent of enterprise data today is unstructured. ‘Unstructured’ data refers to files like spreadsheets, presentations, documents, PDFs or other user-generated content that is typically stored in unstructured systems like a file share or cloud storage application like Box or Dropbox. As the modern enterprise […]

The Power of Choice

Choice. It’s something we practice each and every day. As consumers, we make choices when accepting a new job, buying a car, building a home, or even purchasing a new phone or laptop; and these choices are based on our requirements.  For instance, it wouldn’t make much sense to purchase […]