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Agile Security with Cloud-Based Identity Governance

Global Atlantic Financial Group provides retirement, life, and reinsurance products that help its customers to meet their financial challenges: wealth protection, wealth accumulation, income generation as well as wealth transfer and end-of-life financial needs. Goldman Sachs founded Global Atlantic Financial Group in 2004. When the company became independent in 2013, […]

Identity is Security: The State of Cybersecurity

Some of our crew is heading to Black Hat next week. If you’re attending, please stop by our booth to say hi and talk about this week’s news roundup. The feds came out swinging this week, as they nabbed the leaders of a cybercrime ring known as FIN7. This group […]

Overheard at Identiverse: Ian Glazer and IDPro

Wrapping up their sojourn in the far Northeastern Territories known as Massachusetts, David Lee and Mike Kiser corner Ian Glazer in a dark corner of Identiverse and implore him to hold forth on all things IDPro (among an amalgamation of other topics). This, it turns out, is not a difficult […]

Security is a Team Sport at CyberArk Impact 18

SailPoint was thrilled to be at this year’s CyberArk Impact user conference.  As one of our most strategic and aligned technology partners, it was exciting to meet and talk with so many CyberArk customers, partners and employees and discuss the benefits of our combined identity governance and privileged access security […]

Identity is Security: Cybersecurity as a Default Setting

Is cybersecurity a dead horse? While most of us are exhausted by the constant FUD in the security world, the fact remains that cybersecurity is not the default setting in most people’s brains. Personally, I’d love to see an end to “the sky is falling” stories and more of the […]

University of Reading Navigates the Complexities of a Legacy Environment

University of Reading was using a combination of legacy and homegrown systems connected by scripts to provide students and almost 5,000 staff members access to systems and data. The legacy system was semi-automated and required a lot of manual effort to make changes to identity data and the result was […]

Landing the Identity Governance ‘Triple Crown’

Innovation is ingrained in our DNA as we constantly look for new and interesting ways to help our customers solve their identity challenges. We spend a lot of time with our customers to better understand their needs so we can deliver the identity solutions they require to address the evolving […]

The Disconnect on Identity and EHR Interoperability: Why Screen Scraping Integration May be Inadequate

The next time you hear an identity solutions vendor tout connectivity to electronic health record (EHR) system other clinical applications, check under the hood. How this interoperability is achieved has an impact on security and operational workflow. The promise of connectivity between these two platforms is that healthcare providers can […]

Identity is Security: Cybersecurity on the Fly

Cybersecurity is too important to put off until later or simply hope for the best, but in almost every aspect of our lives, there is a gap in where we are and where we should be. Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda Survey came out this week, highlighting that 35 percent of […]

Understanding Marketing’s Role in GDPR

Our CMO Juliette Rizkallah is speaking at Frost and Sullivan’s Marketing Impact 2025 event on what marketing professionals need to know about GDPR. Whether you’re at the conference or just want to hear Juliette’s advice on navigating this new compliance landscape, she shared more insights on how marketing professionals can […]