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Leadership, Change, And The Art Of Adaptation

As a CEO, I’ve learned that one thing is certain (besides death and taxes) — change. It’s a universal truth for tech leaders because all of us are either in a position of driving disruption or attempting to protect the status quo in a changing environment. And, to complicate matters […]

SailPoint and Box: Weaving Identity Governance into Your Cloud Content Management Strategy

Almost every organization is finally embracing the cloud, especially since it has proven that it provides greater business agility, cost savings, and productivity. Not only are companies moving their applications to the cloud at an unprecedented rate, but they are also migrating their most valuable resource – data. There’s no […]

Identity is Security: Starting with Identity

This week in security headlines, we saw a few more “bright spots” of awareness. For example, Miami Dade College added its name to that list this week by opening up The Cybersecurity Center of the Americas. The proactive, mass dedication of space and resources to addressing today’s cybersecurity challenges is […]

Do the Right People Have the Right Access to the Right Data, at All Times?

At face value, it’s a simple question. But it’s one that most organizations struggle to answer.  This question is a restatement of what identity is.  Yet after twenty years of various identity management platforms and approaches, many organizations do not have a satisfactory answer to this question. Right People To […]

Taming the Surge of Bots, Apps and Cloud Infrastructures

Organizations today are experiencing a surge of technologies including software bots, cloud applications and cloud infrastructure with the promise of improved agility, efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness. While each of these technologies drives inherent value to an organization, they also present new risks, which left unmanaged, can lead to severe consequences […]

The Power of Identity at Navigate Sydney ‘18

We’re kicking off Navigate Sydney this week ‘down under’ and this year, our event is bigger than ever before. In fact, our attendees enjoyed our conference in Sydney so much last year that they asked us for an extra day. So, we delivered! For the next two days, we’ll be […]

Identity is Security: Security has a Human Problem

We start this week’s security news roundup with the ever-present human factor. In identity, we know how present this is. We’re on the ground floor, seeing how much the human attack vector impacts organizations’ overall security posture – even when there are millions of dollars invested in security systems. Kaspersky […]

Throwback Thursday: Get Ready for Navigate ’18 in Sydney

The excitement around our second Navigate conference of 2018 is brewing. While you’re getting ready for two days of identity goodness, we’re throwing it back to some of the hottest topics that came out of Navigate ’18 in Austin. Don’t miss these posts to get your mind ready for Navigate […]

Addressing Ransomware With a Particular Set of Skills

It’s 1996 and Mel Gibson is refusing to pay ransom to his son’s abductor and his excuse, “I will get the best group of man hunters in this country and dedicate my life to tracking you down.” While true that life doesn’t always happen as it does in the movies, […]

Identity is Security: A Look Back at Black Hat

With the energy of Black Hat winding down, we had to take a moment to look back on all the news from the show this week. This conference brings a heightened awareness to security perhaps even a bit more than others. There is far too much to unpack from this […]