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Live from Navigate Europe

In this week’s episode of Mistaken Identity, David Lee and Mike Kiser are joined by a cast of thousands as Mistaken Identity broadcasts on-site from Navigate Europe in Barcelona, Spain. Experience the excitement of Navigate, the passion for identity, the noise of the Navigate expo, the intricacies of rhythmic dancing, […]

Building the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals

We have all waxed poetic about the doomsday scenario we will be greeted with if we don’t get the cyberskills shortage under control. The widening gap is expected to lead to a 3.5 million shortage of professionals. But what can we do about it? That’s the question everyone is asking. […]

Is Higher Education Doing Enough with Identity?

Higher education is the third most likely source of a data breach, trailing behind only the healthcare and financial sectors. It’s why industry IT professionals have again named cybersecurity their top concern for the third consecutive year, according to Educause. The challenge for educational institutions is to not only meet […]

The Power of Identity Makes Security and Compliance Accessible to All Enterprises

Enterprises of all sizes are competing in a world where agility and innovation are the name of the game. To stand up to the challenge, these organizations are finding new ways to leverage technology and automation to not only stay relevant but to also differentiate themselves from the rest. Adoption […]

Identity is Security: Trust No One

Hackers, hackers and more hackers. It’s a word that often comes cushioned with a lot of negativity. Sometimes, hackers are a force for good, as evidenced by the story of a Russian hacker breaking into routers to patch them. That’s the type of opportunistic good that exists in cybersecurity, despite […]

Highlighting our Valued Customers at Navigate ’18 Europe

The last Navigate event of the year is upon us, and we’re thrilled to be welcoming identity practitioners from around the world to Barcelona to talk about identity governance with some of our valued customers including BNP Paribas CIB, Nedbank Limited, NXP Semiconductors, Schneider Electric, Specsavers, Uniper and University of […]

Mistaken Identity: Zero Trust, Full Identity, Can’t Lose

With apologies to Friday Night Lights, David Lee and Mike Kiser welcome back Darran Rolls, CTO and CISO of SailPoint, to discuss the central role that identity plays in implementing zero trust security models: to fully embrace zero trust, a comprehensive concept of identity is essential. Headlines include the well-orchestrated […]

Effective Identity Management is Essential for Effective Security

Few, if anyone, would refute effective identity management is essential to effective security. It’s especially true today. Today, all organizations have new digital assets coming online regularly: new web applications, new cloud services, new IoT devices, and even new bots that are going live. Each of these resources requires a […]

Identity is Security: What We Don’t Know Will Hurt Us

As cybersecurity awareness month moves forward, it’s clear we still need a lot of awareness. Thanks to Kanye West getting caught using “00000” as his phone passcode, we might just be getting somewhere. In all seriousness, looking to our own research out this week, we have a long way to […]

Lock the Door Behind You: Securing Your Home Network

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is all about highlighting the importance of good cybersecurity hygiene that will help us all stay safer when traversing the Internet. For those of us in the cybersecurity industry, we often focus on flexing our cybersecurity skills in the workplace to make sure we’re not an […]