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The Strategy of Being Customer-driven

Peter Cohan is a business professor and journalist, who profiled SailPoint in his latest book, “Disciplined Growth Strategies.” In the book, Peter writes that “sustainable growth depends on employees, customers and new product developments.” SailPoint asked Peter to share his thoughts on SailPoint across those strategies in a three-part video […]

Identity is Security: Hackers Don’t Take Summer Vacation

Ah, summertime. While many of us are starting to daydream about putting our toes in the sand at the beach, hackers are making sure we pay attention to reality. This week’s news starts with yet another fine hitting Yahoo for its 2014 breach (not the one where hackers compromised at […]

Mistaken Identity: Technology is the New Fire

“Technology is, of course, a double-edged sword. Fire can cook our food but also burn us.” David Lee and Mike Kiser examine the idea that every company is a technology company, replete with the opportunity and the danger that presents. Every business—from bakeries to gas stations—can benefit from secure technology […]

Healthcare Providers Deeply Concerned with Insider Threats

If you were at HIMSS this past year, you would have noticed that many of the information security presentations focused on keeping outsiders out of the IT infrastructure. The looming questions that were not asked, however, include: what do you do once someone with malintent gets inside? What if the […]

SailPoint Gives Back for Miles and Miles

In my three years at SailPoint, I’ve seen our crew rally around many great causes. From walking to raise money for cancer research to collecting donations when our neighbors were in need after natural disasters to pouring sweat equity and dollars into causes that advance humanity in some way or […]

The Powers of Integrated Identity Governance and Privileged Access Security

Organizations have long known the value of comprehensive identity governance and privileged access management. Strong identity governance and privileged access security solutions are foundational elements to any modern cybersecurity strategy.  Unfortunately, all too often these solutions are deployed as two separate systems.  A siloed approach to managing who has access […]

Identity is Security: Get Ahead of the Game

It was another busy week in identity and security, with Infosecurity Europe and Gartner’s Security & Risk Management Summit both taking place and spurring even more conversations about security. First up in the headlines – Apple made an interesting move to try to convert users to Safari with plans to bake […]

Feet on the Street: Infosecurity Europe 2018

Infosecurity Europe, the region’s number one information security event, is wrapping up today, and I was fortunate enough to be able to join the SailPoint Crew on the ground in London to experience it for myself. The event’s venue, the Olympia London, provides an interesting contrast. Vendors come from all […]

Going All In on Identity

Disparate processes around identity governance is an Achilles heel for healthcare providers. Governing digital identities and their entitlements to systems and applications require a consistent and unified approach. This allows organizations to reduce delayed access for users, avoid improper or inconsistent provisioning, and reduce workload for IT administrators and data […]

Accelerating the New Data Frontier of Identity Governance with IdentityIQ File Access Manager 6.0

Today there is a perfect storm of risk brewing within many organizations as they attempt to manage access to more applications, and more files and documents amongst a sea of growing internal and external threats. In an atmosphere already congested with regulations, we’re also seeing the impact of GDPR (which […]