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Navigate 2021 – Round Two: The Identity Security Awards

As Navigate ‘21 begins today in EMEA, we are thrilled to celebrate a new group of identity security award winners. The competition across our amazing customers was tough, especially considering the heightened focus on identity security strategies coming out of last year. Our customers truly understand the importance of securing digital identities and are energized about taking identity security to the next level. And they are doing so while proudly representing SailPoint’s core values of innovation, impact, and individuals.  

Today we honor three customers with the Impact, Innovation, and Individual awards. These customers have had huge success with their programs and have been able to drive measurable impact, innovate and expand upon existing capabilities, and share invaluable knowledge and expertise across teams. 

Congratulations to the following EMEA customers: 

Impact Award: London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) 

The Impact Award is given to a company that is focused on delivering a purposeful identity strategy which has direct, measurable impact to the organization and its users. 

After prioritizing identity security, London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) has delivered impressive business results in record time. In only 7 weeks, they were able to implement a seamless application process, onboarding 100 applications and completing a certification campaign to keep their organization secure. They moved on to implementing lifecycle management processes and successfully merged users into the platform following its acquisition of Refinitiv. 

Innovation Award: Holcim  

The Innovation Award is given to a company who is focused on running their organization better and faster, to make significant and innovative impact to their bottom line. 

With the proliferation of applications and devices, Holcim has strengthened its commitment to their identity security strategy. Their goals have been centered around efficient and reliable tools for automatically enabling the right access at the right time. They also have developed innovative features to extend product capabilities, such as microservices for access request over email. This improvement to their processes has helped reduce risk, boost employee productivity, and increase savings. 

Individual Award: Tomas Rollo, Toyota Motor Europe  

The Individual Award is given to an identity visionary who recognizes the need for identity to be the backbone of a security strategy and embraces the future possibilities of the industry.  

Tomas Rollo, SailPoint Project Manager & Project Owner of Toyota Enterprise Architecture at Toyota Motor Europe, has been instrumental in building a robust identity program through automating the entire user lifecycle process. His guidance on how to approach identity security has touched many organizations around the globe. We appreciate Tomas’ passion and excitement for sharing his knowledge and expertise. 

Up next we will be announcing our APJ winners, so stay tuned!