Managing Compliance and Risk: A Conversation with PwC

Over the next few weeks, we are rolling out a blog series on SailPoint’s 2016 Partner of the year winners. Our partners provide value to our customers and help us deliver our solutions around the world. Stay tuned as we share their insights on how identity is driving the enterprise to innovate, grow and move forward securely. 

We spoke with Ankur Sheth, Director with the Cybersecurity & Privacy Impact Centre at PwC.

Congratulations on being a SailPoint partner of the year! In a nutshell, tell us a little bit more about PwC and your experience in identity governance.

PwC: PwC has been a leader in the Identity & Access Management (IAM) space for over 20 years and was one of SailPoint’s first implementation collaborators. We’ve worked closely with our global clients and other vendors over the years to successfully implement identity governance solutions in order to meet a multitude of requirements including regulatory compliance, automation and cost reduction.

What do you attribute as the top 2-3 major business drivers for your customers in making an identity governance purchase in the last year?

PwC: While regulatory compliance continues to be one of the chief drivers for purchasing identity governance solutions, we’ve seen a significant uptick in clients who consider controlling access to their ‘crown jewels’ as a key pillar in improving their security posture and reducing risk. Using identity governance to both detect and prevent inappropriate access to critical assets has become a critical control in preventing or reducing the damage caused by security breaches.

Can you talk more specifically about the value that our joint solutions are bringing to enterprise organizations as they roll out their identity governance programs?

PwC: SailPoint is a leader in identity governance, and PwC is a leading global provider of IAM services. Our collaboration provides our clients with leading technology and advisory services, as well as a highly experienced joint team that can successfully define a practical roadmap for our clients and deliver and maintain the right solution to meet their requirements in a timely and cost effective manner. PwC also offers a robust set of templates and accelerators that have been used across more than 200 IAM engagements across the globe and have enabled our clients to reduce time to value for their IAM program.

Where do you see the identity governance market going in 2017?

PwC: We believe the identity governance market will continue to evolve. One distinct trend we see is the increased adoption of Identity as a Service (IDaaS) based models to provide quicker time to value and a more predictable cost structure while also addressing the paucity of skilled resources to manage these solutions. We also continue to see an increased demand for the use analytics and real-time identity and access data to better predict and prevent anomalous user behavior. Organizations will continue to make risk-based decisions to prioritize the allocation of limited resources to focus on protecting the highest risk information assets.